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  • Cinemateca de Cuba – Cromofobia

    Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Cuban film festival on April 10th and 11th (director Martha Fiennes will present the film on the 10th.) Click here and here for more information.
  • This interesting New York Times article discusses British actors on US television – including Damian Lewis (subscription required).
  • “Damian Lewis – sympatický anglický zrzek klepe na brány Hollywoodu”
    Anda from the Ralph Fiennes Corner kindly sent this link to a Czech article about Damian Lewis.
  • Click here and here for information about partnerships negotiated separately by ITV/Granada and the BBC to bring their productions to wider audiences – hopefully making fine British productions (including the work of Damian Lewis) more easily available to viewers outside of the UK and Region 2.

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  • More news about the pilot episode for Life starring Damian Lewis!

    » Two additional scripts have been ordered for Life so that shooting can begin quickly if the series is picked up.

    » As previously reported by the Los Angeles Times, part of the pilot episode (featuring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi) was filmed on location in Silver Lake, a revitalized east LA neighborhood that still has some slightly “rough” areas.

    » Damian Lewis is very believable as a police officer and he’s kept his natural, red hair color for the role!

  • According to this eBay listing the current issue of ES Magazine includes images of Damian Lewis and other celebrities at the recent “Chain Reaction” benefit for the Almeida Theatre.
  • The Video Vault in the Netherlands is offering an additional discount to members of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group for the purchase new, legitimate, full-length copies of the Region 2 Warriors DVD.

    The discounted price is: GBP 5.50 / USD 11.00 / EUR 8.25; click here for more information or go to the DVD Shop page (and scroll down) for information about other legitimate vendors of the R2 Warriors DVD. Caution! Region 2 DVDs will only play in Region-Free and Region 2 (UK, EU, MidEast, Egypt, So.Africa, and Japan) players.

    Warriors is an excellent and moving BAFTA-winning BBC mini-series that stars Damian Lewis, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew MacFadyen, and Jodhi May – before they were stars.

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  • A fan from the UK has created this MySpace page to promote the brilliant film Keane starring Damian Lewis. Director Lodge Kerrigan’s young daughter Serena posted this comment about the page:

    “Thanks for the ad. My dad is Lodge Kerrigan and he was honored that u made a myspace for his movie. he says hi and thanks. serena kerrigan”

  • The film schedule has been posted for the Salem (Oregon) Film Festival and The Situation starring Damian Lewis will screen on April 22nd; click here for more information.

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  • Update on Life, the NBC police drama (pilot) starring Damian Lewis:

    » There were at least 6 revisions of the original script of Merit Badge, the pilot episode, but it appears that NBC has kept the original title of Life for the proposed series rather than Set For Life as previously reported by Variety. The name of the leading character played by Damian Lewis is unclear; the names reported include: Billy Crews, Charlie Crews, and most recently – Billy Pearce.

    The names of other cast members and their characters are: Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese), Adam Arkin (Ted Early), Melissa Sagemiller (Constance Griffiths), and Robin Weigert (Lt. Karen Davis).

    » NBC will announce their fall season on/around May 14th so it will be known at that time if the pilot for Life was picked up. If so, Damian Lewis may be back in Los Angeles soon to film additional episodes.

  • This New Producers Alliance article about recent UK Film Council – funded projects includes information about Picture Farm’s upcoming film The Escapist directed by Rupert Wyatt and featuring Damian Lewis.
  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis will screen at Oregon’s Salem Film Festival which runs April 20th – 22nd; click here for more information.
  • An subscriber created this annotated list of the top twelve programs featured recently on PBS’s The Best of Masterpiece Theatre’s 35th Anniversary Special; including The Forsyte Saga starring Damian Lewis which was the second most popular program, as picked by a poll of 20,000 viewers, out of the 250 Masterpiece Theatre productions.

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  • (Spoiler warning!) This review states that The Situation is “…a compelling and deeply disturbing feature film about the Iraq war” and describes “…the intelligence officer in Baghdad. Played with appropriate insolence by
    Damian Lewis, he might be a descendent of ‘The Quiet American’.” Also, click here for an interview with director Philip Haas.