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  • Update on Life:

    » Earlier this week NBC, the American television network, invited the press and television industry professionals to a preview of programs planned for the fall season including the pilot for Life starring Damian Lewis. The clips/interviews for Life featured a comment from director David Semel (House) that “We’ve been trying to get him (Damian Lewis) to do television for years and finally got him to do this pilot.”

    » Although British actors have leading roles in several of the pilot programs, Damian Lewis was the only one who stayed in character and spoke with an American accent as he answered questions and talked about how much he likes his character, Billy Crews.

    » Click here and
    here for more information.

  • Damian Lewis serves as an advisor for an innovative British media production company called Pure Grass Films; click here and here to read about the company and its current projects.
  • This scanned image (provided by Ann) of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the recent BAFTA awards is from the February 27th issue of the UK’s Hello! magazine.

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  • The production status of Love and Virtue starring Damian Lewis has been updated to “filming” – rather than “pre-production” – on IMDb; and Banana Films is now listed as a production company for the movie which stars Damian Lewis as the romantic knight Orlando (Roland) in Charlemagne’s court.
  • Steven Clemons of the New America Foundation posted this information about tomorrow night’s screening of The Situation at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA.

    Mr. Clemons will participate in an expert panel discussion before the film begins and director Philip Hass will take part in an post-film Question and Answer session. This event is open to the public.

    Click here for the list of current and upcoming US locations and playdates for the The Situation starring Damian Lewis.

  • PBS’s The Best of Masterpiece Theatre 35th Anniversary Special featuring Damian Lewis will premiere in additional US television markets this weekend. The program will air on WTTW Channel 11 in Chicago on Sunday, March 25th at 7:55pm; check your local PBS listings for more information.

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  • Damian Lewis was spotted in the audience of American Idol in Los Angeles last night! This week’s theme is British Invasion Week and many celebrities and film industry professionals from the UK attended the program.
  • The IMDb production status for Life (the pilot for a new NBC serial drama starring Damian Lewis) has been updated to “post-production” suggesting that the principal filming has concluded.
  • A message posted on IMDb by an Australian fan confirms that the Region 4 Keane DVD was released on March 14th as scheduled, although some online vendors indicate that the film is “out of stock”.

    Also, the April issue of FilmInk includes an article about Keane and director Lodge Kerrigan (page 66) as well as a review of the film (page 74).

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  • New baby pics!
    Thanks to dryope for the wonderful photos (like this one!) of the Lewis family having lunch at Fred Segals in Los Angeles last week. What a beautiful family – and baby Manon is gorgeous; congratulations to Damian and Helen! Click here to enjoy all of the pictures.
  • Gryffynchan shared this interesting article about the BBC’s excellent radio plays. You can download and listen to Damian Lewis’s performances in BBC radio productions such as The James Bond Stories and Something Wrong about the Mouth at the Multimedia audio page.