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  • Today is Mothering Day – a special holiday in the UK designated in honor of mothers. Congratulations to Helen McCrory, and Damian’s associate Melissa, and all the mothers among our members!
  • Director Philip Haas will participate in a special screening of The Situation in Stamford, CT on May 10th.

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  • This New York Daily News review of The Situation starring Damian Lewis describes the film as “…a powerful story” with “the urgency of a heart attack…” (spoiler warning!).
    Click here for the list of upcoming US playdates and theaters. If you have seen the film please take a moment to rate it on IMDb.
  • Chromophobia – Estreno en España: 18/May/2007

    According to IMDb Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis is scheduled for theatrical release in Spain today, March 16th, but several Spanish film sites indicate that the film will not open in Spain until May 18th.

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  • Special screening of The Situation starring Damian Lewis in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on March 24th. The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues at Dickinson College and the Carlisle Theatre are co-sponsoring the event.

    The screening will include a panel discussion with director Philip Haas, Maj. Gen. Robert
    Scales, former commandant of the U.S. Army War College, and Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, former chief of staff under former Secretary of State Colin Powell — and Steven Clemons, director of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation.

    Click here and here for more information.

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  • This viewer’s comments
    about Keane state that Damian Lewis “…was born for this role or he has the potential to be one of the greatest actors working today … Lewis previously shined as the red-headed Winters in Band of Brothers but his portrayal of William Keane is relentless and beyond painful. His range here is simply brilliant…”
  • The Region 4 DVD for Keane will be released in Australia tomorrow on March 14th.
  • In this interview Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd (Amazing Grace) mentions recent encounters with fellow British actors in Hollywood including his close friend Damian Lewis.

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  • According to Film Journal International Damian Lewis’s new film The Situation is:

    “…a beautifully written and realized behind-the-scenes story aiming to make some sense of all the violence and chaos in Iraq today. It bravely takes no sides but arduously presents the conflicting agendas driving the war. By virtue of its subject, the film won’t be an easy sell. But thinking viewers who do the tour won’t be disappointed….” Click here to read the full article (spoiler warning!).