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  • New video clip! Thanks to Kaz for this clip of Damian Lewis’s cameo appearance as Prime Minister Tony Blair in the recent ITV production of Confessions of a Diary Secretary.
  • If you’ve encounterd difficulty downloading and viewing the Band of Brothers and/or Warriors video clips (kindly provided by Perfectly Matte) and featuring interviews with Damian Lewis for the Channel 4 broadcast of The 50 Greatest TV Dramas – try downloading this codec or re-download Windows Media Player.
  • The Warriors clips and interviews on the 50 Greatest TV Dramas program have sparked renewed interest in the 2000 BAFTA winning mini-series starring Damian Lewis, Matthew Macfadyen, Ioan Gruffudd, and Jodhi May. Click on the links below for more information about this excellent and intense drama.

    » Lt. Loughrey and baby clip provided by Katy from the Jodhi May Domain
    » Warriors screencaps and images at the Gallery
    » Order the Region 2 Warriors DVD

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  • The work of Damian Lewis has been celebrated this week on two different programs about outstanding television productions!

    » Many US fans had the opportunity to watch the The Best of Masterpiece Theatre special on PBS last night. Derek Jacobi hosted the show which counted down the top 12 MT productions as selected by viewers. Damian Lewis was interviewed for the program because The Forsyte Saga was the second most popular series and Damian came in second after Derek Jacobi as “Leading Male Actor in a Period Drama.”

    Not all PBS stations aired the program last night so check your local listings, Susan shared the news that the show will broadcast in central Pennsylvania on March 11th and 12th.

    » Hal4king posted information about The 50 Greatest TV Dramas which aired on Channel 4 in the UK on March 3rd. Top British television professionals were surveyed to compile a list of the greatest productions. Damian Lewis was interviewed for the program because he starred in two of the selected programs – Warriors (no. 32) and Band of Brothers (no. 50).

    Update: Click here in the Multimedia section to download two clips from the program. Many thanks to perfectly matte!

  • This Los Angeles Times article about parking in LA includes some information about the filming of Life, the pilot for a new NBC television drama starring Damian Lewis.
  • Early articles about The Escapist indicated that Tim Roth and Pete Postlethwaite were members of the cast but it now appears that those reports may have been in error.
  • Click here for a list of playdates for The Situation starring Damian Lewis. The Boston-area release has been delayed until March 30th.

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  • Click here and here for fan comments about The Situation starring Damian Lewis. If you have seen the film please remember to rate it on IMDb.
  • The Best of Masterpiece Theatre featuring Damian Lewis aired on many US PBS stations tonight but check your local listings as the program may broadcast on specific stations at unique dates and times; for instance the show will air on WTTW (page 12, PDF file) in Chicago on March 25th.

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  • Click here and
    here for more The Situation reviews. It opened in several cities on Friday including in Chicago and Philadelphia; click here at the official site for a list of current and upcoming playdates.
  • Click here and here for more on Helen’s impressive-looking bosom (with accompanying pics of her and Damian at the Oscars)! 😀