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  • New Damian Lewis film project – The Escapist!

    Damian Lewis’s Picture Farm partner producer Adrian Sturges, kindly took the time to share the exciting news with Damian’s fans:

    “…Damian is currently with us in Dublin playing a principal role in Picture Farm’s new film THE ESCAPIST, alongside Brian Cox, Joe Fiennes, Liam Cunningham, Seu Jorge (City of God), Steven Macintosh and Dominic Cooper (History Boys). The film is the debut of Picture Farm partner Rupert Wyatt and I’m producing it with Alan Moloney (Intermission, Breakfast on Pluto).

    The press release announcing the film has just gone out so watch out for news on the web over the next day or so. The film is a prison escape thriller with a twist and Damian plays Rizza, the ‘king of the wing’ and Brian Cox’s character’s nemesis…”

    Click on the links below for more information about this exciting new project.
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  • Damian will present an award at the Irish Film and Television Awards on Saturday February 10th; Brian Cox (Damian’s co-star in The Escapist) will also be presenting; click
    here for more information.
  • Little Manon Lewis is a redhead! Damian’s associate Melissa sent this message:

    “…last time I saw Manon (about 2 weeks ago) she was doing really well too. She has bright red hair now like her father and is very smiley and cute. Damian is the model father as you can imagine and very hands on. They just seem like they are naturals…” Click here for the complete message.

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  • More on The Situation:

    » According to Box Office Mojo the film made $7,187 during its opening weekend in New York City (even though it is only playing in two cinemas); click here for more playdates and locations.

    » Click here or here to read viewers’ comments about the movie.

    » This site provides information about The Situation in Spanish.

  • Take a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane!

    » Nadell’s recent visit sparked reminiscences of the 2004 New York Film Festival screening for Keane attended by Nadell’s friend, Debbie, and Nadell herself and some tall red-headed guy they picked up! Good grief! LindaL was there too – that big ginger fellow surely is a player, he really gets around!

    » Wet Damian! llysiau’s vivid description of Damian Lewis’s dripping wet pool scene in The Situation brought back fond memories of young Mr. Lewis’s tiny, black speedo in a Touch of Frost – Deep Waters (and let us never forget the bathtub and swimming scenes in Band of Brothers!)

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  • New message from Damian Lewis!

    Damian’s associate Melissa sent an update including a message from Damian regarding plans for a birthday tribute from his fans (Damian’s birthday is February 11th and fans are asked to perform a special act of kindness during the month in his honor.) Here’s what Damian had to say:

    “Wow! what a great idea to do “a special good deed” for my birthday. Thank you so much. I always appreciate everyone’s thoughts, cards and gifts but this really will mean that my birthday will make a difference, however small, to someone else. That’s really special. I Might be presenting an award at the Baftas this year on my birthday and it will be fantastic to know that you guys are out there doing something far more important as I’m up on the stage at the Royal Opera House. Best wishes, Damian”

    Remember, it’s up to each individual to decide what to do for Damian’s birthday but if you’d like to donate to Christian Aid, his favorite charity, they’ve made special arrangements for us to easily donate in any amount and they’ll send Damian a card on our behalf; click here for the details.

  • The Situation Update:

    » Click here for an excellent review of the film.

    » According to the New Yorker “…more enduring, if also more dismaying, are the scenes with Dan Murphy (Damian Lewis), an intelligence officer based in Baghdad, who understands the need to work with “moderate insurgents.”

    » llysiau had a chance to see the film in New York City, click here to read her comments (she says that it’s great!)

    » After you’ve seen The Situation please take a moment to vote and comment about the film on IMDb because if the movie-going public like the film it will increase the chances of a wider theatrical release and for a DVD release. (IMDb requires registration but it’s free and painless.)

  • Magazine alert!

    A copy of the September 15, 2006 issue of Style Journal is desperately needed! Damian Lewis is featured in the main story. Style Journal is published by the European branch of the Wall Street Journal in conjunction with a UK company called Show Media.

    LindaE from Germany kindly translated this article about the issue including Damian’s comment to Joanne Glasbey of Style Journal “I have to isolate myself more and more from everyday life to find my way into a role. Nowadays I find that much more difficult then I used to in the past.”

    European members are asked to try and locate a copy of the issue and scan it for the benefit of Damian-deprived fans everywhere, thank you!

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  • Click here to view a caricature of Damian Lewis by Nicola Jennings that appeared in the September 15, 2006 issue of The Guardian . The text of the People article is below:

    Another man we like is the actor Damian Lewis, pictured. He’s one of those people who has it. What do I mean, it? You know, it. He tells Style Journal (the Wall Street Journal’s quarterly magazine for men who wear Tag Heuer watches and use a shaving brush) that he finds acting increasingly difficult. “A natural part of ageing is discovering your limitations, and it’s painful. It’s taken me quite a long time to realise I have any. They’ve never become apparent …,” he says. He adds being an actor is “very self regarding”. He’s not wrong there.

  • Connie brought us up-to-date on the current status of the campaign to award the Medal of Honor to Major Richard Winters for his heroic actions at Brecourt Manor on D-Day. US citizens are asked to write to their congressmen and women in support of H.R.796 (the congressional bill proposing the MOH for the Major); click here for more information.

    Click here (and enlarge if necessary) to read the moving tribute to Major Winters written by Damian Lewis to preface Larry Alexander’s biography of Richard Winters, Biggest Brother.

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  • This week’s issue of Screen Daily features an article about Bankside Films’ acquisiton of rights to movies formerly owned by Beyond International including The Situation and The Baker (both starring Damian Lewis.) The article includes this picture of Damian studying a bakery book as Milo in The Baker and says:

    …The company launches at Berlin’s European Film Market with a full slate of projects from pre-production to completion. Bankside just acquired The Baker, a Wales-set comedy starring Damian Lewis that was written and directed by his brother Gareth…(Stephen) Kelliher says that light-hearted films such as these should appeal to buyers. “Something like The Baker has a real chance – it’s a comedy and it’s British but at the same time it’s very universal…One thing we noticed at AFM is that people want happy, feel-good films, not just comedies but life-affirming films.”
    Click here for more information.

  • All five episodes of Agent Zigzag read by Damian Lewis can now be downloaded in Real or MP3 format from the Multimedia Audio page (thanks to Kaz for the MP3s!) Currently, the episodes can also be heard online at the BBC Book of the Week site.
  • According to the current PBS Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery eNewsletter 30,000 US viewers participated in the nationwide survey used to identify the finest productions and performances for the The Best of Masterpiece Theatre 35th Anniversary Special (featuring Damian Lewis) that will be widely broadcast on March 4th. Read below for more information (spoiler warning!)

    Damian Lewis’s portrayal of Soames Forsyte placed second after Derek Jacobi’s I, Claudius in the Best Male Lead in a Period Drama category. The Forsyte Saga came in second after Upstairs Downstairs in the list of the Top Twelve Best Masterpiece Theatre Productions.

  • This Yorkshire Post Today article about ITV’s upcoming spoof Confessions of a Diary Secretary includes information about Damian Lewis’s cameo appearance as Tony Blair; read below for more information (spoiler warning!)

    “…Prescott is not the only politician sent up. One scene features Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown, played by Tony Slattery and Damian Lewis. Prescott invites them round to his flat for a shepherd’s pie dinner, with Temple acting as waitress. But Blair (Damian Lewis) and Prescott end up having a bitter argument over whether or not ketchup can be called ‘red sauce’…”