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  • Happy 89th Birthday to Major Winters!

    Click here to read about plans to honor Damian Lewis on his birthday this February 11th.
  • Thanks to Kaz you can now download Something Wrong About the Mouth (the new BBC radio play starring Damian Lewis) in MP3 format.
  • If you encountered difficulty viewing the new clips from The Situation in Quicktime format click here to download them in WMV format (also courtesy of Kaz!)
  • A big welcome to our 5 great new affiliates!
    » Dedicated to Daniel

    » Penelope

    » LovelyLopez

    » Helen Mirren Online

    » David Tennant
  • Reminder, the Region 2 UK Keane DVD will be released on January 22nd as a two-disc set.

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  • Don’t you just love finding great new Damian Lewis photos and interviews?!!! ➡

    » This wonderful, newly discovered Factory Magazine interview and photoshoot is from Fall 2005 (PDF file). Click here to see images of Damian from the article at the Warehouse gallery. Click here for the highly entertaining text of the interview.

    » The website for Factory – The Film Industry Magazine also offers photos (here and here) of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the magazine’s launch party at DeBeers on October 3, 2005. These images have been added to the launch party page at the Warehouse.

  • Click here to listen to Something Wrong About The Mouth starring Damian Lewis, the wonderful new Saturday Play on BBC Radio 4.
  • The Angelika Film Center has posted a Coming Soon page for the US release of The Situation starring Damian Lewis on February 2nd in New York City.

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  • Click here and here to view new screencaps of Damian Lewis from the trailer and clips for The Situation.
  • Thanks to Amo and Ann for information about readings given by Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory last February 15th at the Old Vic Theatre

    “…The actors were Helen McCrory, Damian Lewis, David Westhead, Sean Chapman, Claudie Blakely and Eugene O’Hare in Orson’s Shadow by Austin Pendleton – the first five of them playing, respectively, Vivien Leigh, Ken Tynan, Orson Welles, Laurence Olivier and Joan
    Plowright. …”

  • Elisabeth shared the news that Robinson Crusoe – featuring Damian Lewis in his first movie role – will air on Sunday, January 21st on één in Belgium at 2:05 PM. (Be sure to tune in on time because Pierce Brosnan kills Damian in a duel before the opening credits run!) 🙂
  • Click here and here for information about the special screening of Keane as part of the Second Chance Cinema for the Princeton Adult School’s annual movie course. All screenings take place on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM at Kresge Auditorium starting February 5th through May 7th. (Depending on final course enrollment, a limited number of single admissions to individual screenings may be available at the door at showtimes, but seating cannot be guaranteed.)

  • This review of Much Ado About Nothing from the Sydney Morning Herald says:

    “…Sarah Parish and Damian Lewis bring subtle flavours to every role, but here as perfectly drawn two-dimensional TV ‘personalities’ duped into falling for each other, they’ve thrown in the entire spice rack. They’re funny. They romp. Parish hisses for most of the performance. As Lewis sweats and chats to himself through sit-ups on an enormous blue Swiss ball…”

  • In Chromophobia Marcus and Iona Aylesbury (Damian Lewis and Kristin Scott Thomas) live in a beautiful, very modern white, translucent house with their son Orlando; the house is called Skywood and is located in Denham, Buckinghamshire. The RIBA award-winning, contemporary glass house was designed by Graham Phillips and also appears in the Renault Clio “va-va-voom” commercial featuring Thierry Henry. Click on the links below for more information about Skywood.

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    2 l
    3 l

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  • A small update from Damian’s personal assistant Melissa: “Damian informs me that it’s still not
    certain (Boogie Woogie) will go ahead. In fact all the film projects are in limbo
    at the moment. I will let you know if anything happens.”
  • IFILM has two new clips from The Situation that you can view here and here. Damian is briefly shown in both of them. Download the clips here from the Trailer Spotting L J or here from our Multimedia section.
  • A few more site updates:

    » Two new project pages: Something Wrong about the Mouth and Agent Zigzag.

    » We’re slowly (very slowly) adding older articles to the Press Archive including a recent batch of Band of Brothers stuff. It’s still very much a work in progress! If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a note!

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  • Do a good deed for Damian’s Birthday!
    Damian Lewis’s birthday is February 11th and because he is always willing to lend his support to worthy initiatives his fans are asked to perform a special act of kindness during January or February in his honor. Go out of your way to do something extra to help others. Donate time or money to a charity, give a unit of blood to the local blood bank, or lend a hand to someone who can use the help; then send Damian a birthday card and tell him about the charitable act you performed on his behalf. Click here here to learn what you can do to help others and show your appreciation for this fine man and click on the links below if you would like to support Damian’s favorite charity, the Christian Aid organization.

    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
  • Two New Damian Lewis Radio Productions this month! Hal4king posted information about new Damian Lewis audio performances coming soon on BBC Radio 4

    » Something Wrong About the Mouth – A new play by David Edgar that will air on January 20 at 2:30 PM. Damian plays Gene Pew, an American academic from Princeton who is obsessed with a mysterious Hungarian woman. The production will be available online to “listen again” for one week; click here for more information.

    » Agent Zigzag – Damian will perform all voices during daily readings over 5 days (January 29th through February 2nd) for the Book of the Week programme. Ben Macintyre’s Agent Zigzag is a true story about espionage during World War II. Episodes will be available online for seven days.

  • According to the Daily Mail Chromophobia will open in UK cinemas in March.
  • Articles about The Situation indicate that the film includes a love scene between Damian Lewis and Connie Nielsen!