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  • The US Stormbreaker release has been delayed again! According to the Weinstein Company’s site the film will be released on October 13th – not October 6th.
  • Click here and here for information about the world premiere of The Situation starring Damian Lewis at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York on October 18th.
  • Welcome to our new affiliate – About Kelly
    a Kelly MacDonald fan site!
  • Damian Lewis fans are lucky because Damian is very gracious and attentive to his fans; click here to review his messages to the 4,000 plus members of the Damian Lewis Yahoo Group!

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  • Scroll down (to the second from the last item) on the TV Appearances page to download and view a high-quality, high-res clip of Damian Lewis’s Keane interview on the BBC Breakfast show from September 22nd. Much thanks to PM from the Matthew Macfadyen site for this great footage!

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  • Beth shared the news that The Forsyte Saga Series I will rebroadcast on WGBH Boston on Masterpiece Theatre starting October 1st. Click here to vote for Damian’s portrayal of Soames Forsyte as “Best Male Lead Actor in a Period Drama” in a Masterpiece Theatre readers’ poll (winners will be featured in a 35th anniversary program next March!) [Jen]
  • Click here and here
    for more articles about the UK release of Keane.
  • Ann discovered that Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker will be featured on the October 8th edition of Flicks on the TV Guide Channel on US television.
  • This review of Helen McCrory’s new film The Queen comments favorably about her portrayal of Cherie Blair. The movie will be reviewed on Ebert and Roeper this weekend.

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  • Big thanks to Dryope for some great new candids of Damian Lewis that are now available at the Warehouse gallery!
  • More news about Keane distributors: the film will be released in Spain by Avalon Productions, in
    Israel by United; and in
    Romania-Bulgaria (possibly only on television) by TVR.
  • Click on the links below for new reviews of Keane for the UK release. If you’ve seen this important movie please rate the film on IMDb! l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l
  • Click here to view today’s map of 100 recent visitors to (the red dot was the most recent visitor from Redbridge, UK). Make your mark on the Damian Lewis map and tell us where you

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  • More articles, reviews, and clips for the UK release of Lodge Kerrigan’s brilliant film Keane featuring Damian Lewis’s incredible portrayal of William Keane!

    » Click here to download and listen to the September 22nd Film Programme interview with Damian Lewis on BBC Radio 4.

    » Click here to listen to an interview with Keane director, Lodge Kerrigan.

    » According to a recent
    review in This Is London “…if you want to see a superb performance, watch Damian Lewis in this.”

    » This Independent review states “Lewis creates a kind of heat around himself…It’s a quiet performance that speaks volumes – a landmark.”

    » Click here (and scroll down) to download and view a low-res clip of Damian Lewis’s September 22nd appearance on the BBC Breakfast program (a high-res version of the clip will soon be available!)

    » Click
    here for an updated list of Keane screenings in the UK and Ireland. It’s an unforgettable film, don’t miss it!

    » Keane will be distributed in Australia by Accent Film, no dates yet.