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  • Producer Adrian Sturges sent us updates on two Damian Lewis projects.
    » The Baker is still in post-production and American
    composer Alex Wurman is scoring the film.
    » Normal for Norfolk, a short film he produced with Damian which Gareth wrote and
    directed, has been selected for the 2006 Cardiff Film Festival. The short film premiered at the Edinburgh festival last month and screened at the BAFTA in
    London this past Monday.
  • Ann has scans of the recent Independent interview up at her site.
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  • According to the National Film Theatre, the Q&A session scheduled for the 22nd will take place after the 6:30 Keane showing . The website still isn’t reflecting this!
  • Click here for the updated schedule. A couple of UK tv listings have been added.
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  • Damian Lewis will take part in a Question & Answer session on September 22nd after a screening of Keane at the National Film Theatre. On September 20th he will participate in a Keane Q&A at the Soho Curzon cinema. Click here for an article about the UK release of the film.
  • Congratulations to Christian Aid Ambassador Damian Lewis and everyone who took part in today’s march to “stop paying for poverty”; the UK government has agreed to withhold funds from the World Bank! Click on the links below for clips and articles about today’s activities.
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    2 l
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    4 l
  • Click here to read Damian Lewis’s comments about why “fluff is important!”
  • Linda from Belgium and Winnie reported that Dreamcatcher starring Damian Lewis will premiere on Belgian television on September 15th on VT4 at 20h30.
  • Click on the links below to enjoy three (very large!) still photos of Damian Lewis in Stormbreaker provided by Martin.
    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l

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  • Click here and here for articles about Damian Lewis’s support of the Christian Aid march to “Stop Paying for Poverty” in London on September 14th.
  • Ann discovered that the Arkangel Shakespeare audio recordings site now features online voice clips of Damian Lewis as Valentine in Two Gentlemen of Verona and as Alcibiades in Timon of Athens. Check out the Shop page to order copies of these recordings (Hamlet featuring Damian as Laertes is also available.)
  • For fans in the area of Victoria, British Columbia is sponsoring free screenings of two Damian Lewis films as part of their Movie Monday features; An Unfinished Life on September 25th and Keane on October 2nd.

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  • Selene posted the text of the recent Daily Mail article about the birth of Manon McCrory-Lewis (click here if you are unable to access that link.)
  • Kaz shared this audio clip that provides the correct French pronunciation for the lovely name “Manon”.
  • Click here to see Jo’s photos of Damian playing in the Soccer Aid tournament last May, she had great seats! (Jo’s photos are in the last row of the album.)
  • This short interview with Damian Lewis says that the reason he works so hard is because he has the “feeling that every day could be his last!”
  • Welcome to our three great new affiliates!


    » Peter Sarsgaard Headquarters

    » Resonance (a Tom Hardy site)
  • Click here to read berk2804’s account of her chance encounter with Damian Lewis in Manhattan during the filming of Keane (lucky girl!)