Written instructions from Netpiac on how to register and order.
E.U. countries only.

Click to link:

2. In film data page (in the yellow area, where is the pirce) you see a

“Kosaramba teszek” (buy it), click there.

3. Next page is “A kosár tartalma” (the basket).
Check the list: next the title “1 darab” (1 piece)
Click the yellow button: “A pénztárhoz” (pay)

IMPORTANT! Please attention to the “státusz” (state)! It shows the
accessibility. Translations:
“Raktáron” – stock, we can to post next working day
“Rendelésre” – only to order! Usually we can to post after 5-10
days, but no
“Elõrendelhetõ” – pre-order
“Elfogyott” – unavailable now (maybe coming later)
“Nem rendelhetõ” and “Lejárt jogú” – unavailable (constantly)


4. Next page is check in. You are a new user (I think), you must click
left button: “Regisztráció” (registration)

5. “Az Ön adatai” – your details
Azonosító(*) – login
Jelszó(*) – password
Jelszó ismétlése(*) – password check

Vásárló (user) select: -> magán (not firm) or -> céges (firm)
Cégnév – firm name (if you need this)
Név(*) – your full name
Neme (your sex) – select “férfi” (male) or “nõ” (female)
Kora – age (select)
Telefon és/vagy mobiltelefon(*) – your phone number
Adószám – not necessary

Bankszámlaszám – not necessary
Hírlevél – select “Nem”
Szállítás a számlázási címre – If the name and adress in the
bill is same as
the shipping adress, select IGEN (yes), if not same, select NEM (no).
[I think the right answer is yes (IGEN).]

Click the “Tovább” (next) button.

6. Shipping details

Név – there is your name
Ország – select (e.g. “Európa/Izrael”) and click the OK and wait
reload the

In the reloaded page:
Ország neve – your country (write in english)
Település – city
Irányítószám – postal code
Utca, házszám – street and number
(Megjegyzés – anything else if necessary)

Click the “Tovább” (next) button.

7. Shipping and paying options

“Hogyan kíván fizetni?” – select the only choice (pay via card)
Wait reload the page, than select:

“Postai szállítás (… zóna)” – normal shipping via international
“Postai szállítás törékeny csomagként (… zóna)” shipping as
fragile and with

Click the “Tovább” (next) button.

8. “Jóváhagyás” – approval

Check the details (mostly the adress and name) – this is the last page
the paying. If all right click the “Jóváhagyva” (confirm) button.

9. Paying

The paying process will running in the secure server of the
Inter-Európa Bank.
All other information (in english too):

The details:

Bankkártyaszám – card number
Lejárati dátum – valid (year/month)
Érvényesítési kód (CVC2) – a special three digit code in the back
of card
UCAF – if necessary (Only in EC/MC cards, it’s some special code, I
more details.)

Click the “Fizetés” (pay) button in the left side!
(Another button is cancel – “törlés”.)

If all right, the NetPiac page will return and you’ll see a red text.
At the
same time we send automatically a mail to confirm your order, and the
bank an
another mail to confirm your pay.