The Baker DVD


How to order the dvd from Netpiac (E.U. countries only)

08 November Update: The dvd is currently out of stock but will be available again by Friday, November 9th. If you’d like to communicate with a staff member in English, Email Balikó Tamás at this address (Remove the X’s) . Click here for a Hungarian to English translator.

Click here for written instructions from Netpiac on how to register and order from their site.

Page 1Add the dvd to your cart
Page 2 – Check status
Page 3 – Click to register
Page 4 – Registration form (Fill out all fields marked with an *)
Page 5 – Shipping address (Select country – E.U. countries only)
Page 6a – Shipping Options (Select Bankkartyas fizetes)
Page 6b – Shipping Options
Page 7 – Approve/Review details
Page 8 – Credit card info. Write down the TRID number – you will
need to enter it again later.

A few notes:

Shipping address -They don’t ship to countries outside of the E.U., Israel, USA & Canada, Australia/NewZealand.

Shipping options – Netpiac will deliver through DPD, an international courier service, to any of the EU countries.

Credit card info – Keep the Tranzakcios azonosito (TRID) number as you will need to enter it again later. The page informs you that the USD and EUR price is an approximate price as the exchange rate fluctuates. Dora, the woman helping with translations, checked their security ratings and it’s good. They use SSL and Verisign.