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Not sure why a particular item is showcased in the Merchandise Shoppe or how it relates to Damian? Then take a journey with us and read all about Damian’s favorite music, hobby and books, his fashion, style and trend sense, with even more fashion here and here, along with an editorial photoshoot, his lifestyle here, here and here, his personal life, his love of sports, cooking and story time, and a complete review of his biography and filmography.


Your one stop shop for Bobby Axelrod  merchandise. Purchase this and more from the Paramount/Showtime Store

Source: Showtime Store

Bobby Axelrod Funko Pop here


Your one stop shop for all things Brody. Purchase this and more from the Showtime Store

Source: Showtime Store


All Things Ginger

All things for the love of gingy! Redhead merchandise here


Redhead emojis for iPhone
Redhead emojis for Android


Pillows like this from Subliworks, Etsy, and Etsy

Mrs. Damian Lewis T-Shirt on Etsy

Colour Me Good Ginger Adult Coloring Book on Amazon

Life Size Standee and Mini Cutout from Amazon US

Burning Love Elvis Presley Women’s Shoes from Bradford Exchange

Wolf Hall ‘Disappearing Wives’ Mug from

Damian Lewis Mug from Goodz Tee

Liverpool FC Scarf from Liverpool FC Store

Ray-Ban Sunglasses from Ray-Ban UK

Elvis Shades from

Adidas Samba Trainers from Adidas UK

Rag & Bone Jeans from Rag & Bone

Hermes Tie from Hermes

Valentino Uomo at Nordstrom’s

Men’s Leather Satchel from Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

Liverpool FC Leather Wallet & Keyring Combo from Liverpool FC Store

Liverpool FC Key Ring from Liverpool FC Store

Whittling Kit from Amazon

Swiss Army Penknife from Swiss Army

Michter’s Bourbon as seen on Billions from Michter’s

Knob Creek Bourbon from Knob Creek

1998 Trinidad Fundadores Cigars as seen on Billions from Finest Cuban Cigars

Mild, Creamy Dominican Cigars from JR Cigars

Trinidad Engraved Glass Top Mahogany Humidor on Etsy

Lighter from S.T. Dupont

Armani Dolci Biscuits from Armani

Christmas Hampers from Harrod’s

Hooligan Driving Cap and Fedora Hat from Nordstrom’s

Welsh Cob Weave Blanket from

Damian Lewis Blanket from Goodz Tee

Elemis Daily Boost Moisturizer from Elemis

Liverpool FC Kit from Liverpool FC Store

Ping-Pong Essentials from

Cricket Set from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Supertramp Vinyl LP from Barnes & Noble

Essential Elvis Presley Vinyl LP from Barnes & Noble

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet with Sound from Barnes and Noble

The Spirit of Man book from Barnes and Noble

History of the World book from Amazon

BAMB Tote from Books Are My Bag

Agatha Christie’s Poirot Tote from Teespring

Wolf Hall Tudor Rose Tote Bag on Etsy

Damian Lewis Tote Bag from Goodz Tee

Henry VIII Men’s Undergarment on Etsy (ships from UK)

The Forsyte Saga Spiral Bound Notebook on Etsy

Shakespeare Crew Socks from Living Royal

Agatha Christie’s Poirot Scarf on Etsy

Romeo and Juliet Infinity Scarf on Etsy

Much Ado About Nothing Pencil Set on Etsy

Hamlet Leggings from Lotus Leggings

Shakespeare Tights on Etsy

Romeo and Juliet Pillow on Etsy

Aberglasney Gardens Scented Candles from

Cosmetic Bag from How To Be a Redhead

Elvis Lip Balm from

Faux Freckle Make-Up on Amazon

Openly Ginger Pocket Mirror on Etsy

Simply Redheads Hair Care from Ginger Parrot UK

Aberglasney Gardeners Lavender Mini Soap from

Heliocare Ultra Sunscreen from Amazon US and Amazon UK

Elvis Pot Holder and Oven Mitt from

Much Ado About Nothings Sticky Notes on Etsy

Football/Soccer Ball on AmazonUK and AmazonUS

Liverpool FC Dispatch Ball from Liverpool FC Store

Elvis Decanter/Flask from Wal-Mart

TopGear Magazine Subscription from TopGear

Aquarius Bracelet from Ashley Jewels

The Flowering of Aberglasney from
Book by Aberglasney’s founding Head Gardener

Keep Calm Kiss a Ginger Apron from Zazzle

Openly Ginger Apron from CafePress

Keeping It Simple Cookbook on Amazon

A Face Without Freckles Sign on Etsy

Personal Pineapple from Squishable

Ginger Gi Chemistry Symbol Mug from Zazzle UK

Anne Boleyn Necklace on Etsy

Romeo and Juliet Luggage Tag from Zazzle

Band of Brothers Poster from Wal-Mart

Elvis Pink Cadillac Graceland Mug from

Oculus Rift Touch Virtual Reality System as seen on Billions on Amazon

Magna Carta…Holy Grail by Jay Z (CD, MP3, Stream, Vinyl) on Amazon
FUTW track he raps, ”Feeling like a stranger in my own land/Got me feeling like Brody in Homeland”
Damian joked in an interview, “From the RSC to the Jay Z!”

Wolf Hall Soundtrack [CD] from

Band of Brothers Soundtrack Vinyl LP from Wal-Mart

Original Score Soundtrack for Billions by Eskmo Welder on iTunes

Axe’s Rainbow T-Shirt as seen on Billions season 5 from Rockabilia

Axe’s Motörhead T-Shirt as seen on Billions season 4 from Hot Topic

Axe’s Black Sabbath T-Shirt as seen on Billions season 3 from Band Merch

Axe’s Megadeth T-Shirt as seen on Billions season 2 from Hot Topic

Axe’s Metallica T-Shirt as seen on Billions season 1 from Rockabilia

Wolf Hall King Henry T-Shirt from Red Bubble

Band of Brothers T-Shirt from Redbubble

Tanks, tees, and sweat shirts from Subliworks

Damian Lewis Unisex Hoodie from Goodz Tee

Keep Pale and Freckle On Hoodie from Etsy

Damian Lewis Women’s T-Shirt from Pannc

Team Damian Lewis Women’s T-Shirt from World Sports Fan Wear

Forsyte Saga T-Shirt from TV Show Tees

Charlie Crews T-Shirt from TV Show Tees

Ginger With Attitude Beach Towel from GWA

Posters like this and more from Pick Perfect

White House Napkins from White House Gift Shop

Ginger Mug on Etsy

Red: A History of the Redhead book on Amazon

Redhead Shower Curtain from CafePress

Ginger Shower Curtains from CafePress

The Damian Lewis Handbook from Barnes & Noble

Homeland Vinyl Record Wall Clock on Vinyl Shop

iDamian Mouse Pad from CafePress

Damian Collage iPhone Case from Subliworks

Got Damian Lewis? Vinyl decal from Decals Planet

Dreamcatcher on Etsy

Band of Brothers Collectible Figurine on Amazon

Stormbreaker Yassen Gregorovich 6″ Action Figure from Amazon UK

Baby items like this and more from GingersnapPress and CafePress

Charlie Crews “I Love Eating Fruit” Toddler T-Shirt from Zazzle

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge Musical from Game Seek UK

I Got a Crocodile book from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Peace at Last book from Amazon UK and Amazon US

The Baby in the Hat book from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Monty and Milli The Totally Amazing Magic Trick book from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Too Small for My Big Bed book from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Binky’s Time to Fly book from Amazon UK and CureEB


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