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Company of Men, The Times, September 29, 2001

Company of Men

by Tom Dart, The Times, 29 September 2001

Not even Damian Lewis understands Why spielberg and Hanks Have cast an old etonian as a second World war gi. But He’s not complaining.

At first, it seems his energy comes from adrenaline, nerves, but there is nothing remotely nervous about Damian Lewis. Athletes and politicians would pay good money for a dose of the 30-year-old Londoner’s drive and effusive self-confidence. His voice is rapid, distinct and animated. We talked in a restaurant in Manchester, where Lewis is currently filming The Forsyte Saga for ITV. He has appeared in the West End and on Broadway, but is best known for his television work -in the BBC’s Hearts and Bones and Warriors, where he played a British soldier in Bosnia. His latest role is as another soldier, but on a different scale. Lewis plays Lieutenant Richard Winters, the lead in the Second World War epic Band of Brothers, a ten-part television “event” from the American channel HBO, which starts on BBC2 this week. Continue reading Company of Men, The Times, September 29, 2001