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Why Is This Billionaire Wearing a $22 Metallica T-Shirt? – Jan 29, 2016

The creative force behind Billions‘ very carefully considered aesthetic spills his trade secrets

by Justine Harman | Elle | January 29, 2016

If you’ve been watching Showtime’s compulsively watchable pissing contest, also known as Billions, you’ve likely noticed that hedge fund manager Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (played by Homeland alum Damian Lewis) has an idiosyncratic manner of dressing. Most memorable, perhaps, was last week’s scene in which Axe schooled an uppity, old money family while wearing a well-loved Metallica T-shirt. But the sartorial specificity doesn’t stop there. Other tricks up our antihero’s well-considered sleeve: threadbare henleys in the workplace, T-shirts paired with perfectly tailored suits, sneakers in situations where the dress code most certainly does not call for sneakers. But what separates Billions from the other fashionable casts in costume designer Eric Daman’s impressive repertoire (Sex and the CityThe Carrie Diaries, and six seasons of Gossip Girl) is the presumed wealth of its topline characters. Sure, Chuck Bass had panache, but did he have billions of dollars in his checking account? We think not. In anticipation of Sunday’s episode, nine rules we learned about dressing like someone who takes home a paycheck with as many zeros:

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