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TV Review: Billions – Jan 5, 2016

TV Review: ‘Billions’

Damian Lewis as Bobby “Axe” Axelrod and Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhoades in Billions (Season 1, Episode 1) Photo: JoJo Whilden/SHOWTIME

If you are immune to the many charms of Paul Giamatti’s work, and the endless ways in which his “Billions” character displays intelligence and irritation through a series of perfectly deployed glares, this tale of high-powered hedge-fund players and the lawyers they battle may not be up your alley.

Giamatti plays Chuck Rhoades, a well-to-do U.S. Attorney for New York who feels compelled to rein in Wall Street excesses, with Damian Lewis as Bobby Axelrod, a hotshot mega-billionaire who can’t resist throwing his might and money around in ways that make for bad P.R., and bring scrutiny from law enforcement.

That description raises the question of whether you’ll be able to work up any sympathy for the one-percenters locked in combat in this slick series.

Many regular folks who’ve witnessed the frightening fallout of some of Wall Street’s high-stakes games may find that the subject matter itself is a dealbreaker. Just about every character in “Billions” has, at the very least, a trust fund and a few million in the bank — but many have substantially more.

Whatever their headaches, the day-to-day lives of these hedge-fund guys, especially Bobby, make Don Draper’s lifestyle look like a monk’s.

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Billions Season One: First Takes – Oct 15, 2015

Billions is a new original series about the collision between a US attorney and a hedge fund billionaire played by Damian Lewis. Watch the first promo clip below.

Damian states, “The script was strongest script I had read in a while and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Showtime released the first poster for the upcoming series, which airs January 17,

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You’re Going to Love to Hate Homeland’s Damian Lewis in His New Showtime Series – Aug 11, 2015

Too Big To Fail: You’re Going to Love to Hate Homeland’s Damian Lewis in His New Showtime Series

by Joanna Robinson – Vanity Fair – August 11, 2015

No matter how bad things got with Congressman Nicholas Brody on Homeland, there was a part of us that was always supposed to love him a little.  Sure, he was a terrorist, but such a gosh darn likable one! Well all that likability is out the window for actor Damian Lewis in his new home on Showtime.

Billions—which co-stars Paul Giamatti, Malin Akerman, and Maggie Siff—is about the privileged class enjoying their privileges and the one man struggling to take them down. From New York Times financial columnist and Too Big to Fail author Andrew Ross Sorkin,Billions promises to scratch that Wolf of Wall Street itch you didn’t realize was bugging you.

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