Contributors originated as an off-shoot of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group (DLYG), an online fan community that started in September 2001 during the HBO broadcast of Band of Brothers. A few years later, a Coppermine gallery was developed to house the group’s expanding collection of images. This fansite launched in 2006 in order to pull together some of the group’s scattered pages and keep better track of the news and content produced by Damian’s fan community.

Current Contributors:

Principal Site Administrator/Owner

I am a fake-redhead academic moonlighting as a blogger. I have no kids so I am still the spoiled brat at home! Super fan of all things I like: Fiction. Running. Jazz. Theater. New York. Football. Wine. Travel. Did I mention Damian Lewis? Thought keeping a fan’s diary on him would be fun and started Fan Fun with Damian Lewis. Every post I write about Damian is also a piece of me — my life, my ideas, my dreams. Damian is the BEST procrastination ever. EVER.

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Chief Content – News, Photo Albums, and Information Pages

Oklahoman. Native American Indian. Partial New Yorker by proxy. I am a Management Analyst and part-time Adjunct Professor by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night. I ‘met’ Damian in Billions but trust me when I say, I’m all caught up now! I have chewed through his filmography like a termite feasting on the most plentiful, organic compound. I have scoured the earth like Khaleesi on her Dragon successfully locating all of his works, sans five. The rebirth of my previously-dead Twitter feed from 2009 can be attributed to my dear Watcyn – every day is a Damian hashtag day! Film buff, wine connoisseur, theater-arts admirer, football fan (the American kind), traveling Wilbury (the touristy kind), game night host, and reader. Muggle-born.

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Principal Technical Programmer and Adviser

Tech guru of the site. A big fan of Damian since Homeland, admirer of the ladies at Fan Fun with Damian Lewis, admirer of the ladies who have contributed to this site over the years.

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Former Contributors:

We honor and preserve their legacy

Selene (mokulen) 
Principal Site Administrator – Contributed everything from A to Z to the site – from 2006-2016.

Kathy (kathyV) 
Principal Staff Updater of News and Updates and several Damian info pages – Biography, Filmography, and Theatre Info – from 2006-2010.

Tom Hiddleston Online webmistress.

Kaz & Ryoko
Original Owner and Administrator of the gallery – technically not staff but of enormous help with their advise and contributions.

And of course enormous thanks go out to fans at DLYG who keep Damian’s fans around the globe informed of the latest news and info!

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