Meet the Band


Photo Credit: Damian Lewis. L to R: Joe Webb, Will Sach, Billy Adamson and Giacomo Smith 

His band of five with jazz roots has a bluesy sound and the album is described as a thoughtful collection of rootsy, rock and jazz-tinged songs that reveal a deep love of music and a deep need to communicate.

Damian Lewis – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboard
Dave Archer / Billy Adamson – acoustic and electric guitar
Joe Webb – piano/keyboard
Giacomo Smith – producer and woodwind instruments – alto sax, tenor sax and clarinet
Will Sach – bass
Will Cleasby – drums
Kitty Liv (Durham) – backing vox, guitar, harmonica and background vocals

Damian linked up with one of today’s most exciting jazz musicians, Giacomo Smith, who in turn introduced him to a collection of brilliant London-based musicians, many of whom had played with Smith in the hugely loved and admired Kansas Smitty’s House Band. Damian stated:

“It helps that the players are all insanely accomplished.”