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Billions at Showtime Emmy’s FYC, Storified, Fan Fun with Damian Lewis, April 27, 2016

Billions at Showtime Emmy’s For Your Consideration

by JaniaJania
April 27, 2016

The Billions crew were in Los Angeles this week, peddling their wares for Emmy consideration. A press junket, an awards junket, and, for us, an opportunity to catch up with these people talking about their fabulous selves in this fabulously smart show.

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Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory Read from Frankenstein – April 14, 2016

by Jess Gormley | The Guardian | April 14, 2016

Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis read extracts from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein at the Keats-Shelley Prize 2016 in London, marking 200 years since the novel’s inception. Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1816 and it is now regarded as one of the key gothic novels of the romantic period. Riona Millar, 16, won first prize in the young Romantic award for her poem on the theme of ‘After Frankenstein’

Source: The Guardian

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Damian Lewis Talks Billions at New Yorker Festival, Fan Fun with Damian Lewis, October 12, 2015

Damian Lewis Talks Billions at New Yorker Festival

by Damianista
October 12, 2015

It’s quite fun playing a billionaire! I have been on more yachts, private jets, and helicopters than in my entire life in the space of the last two months.” – Damian Lewis

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

I know… I know! It’s already been a week but we just can’t stop talking about the weekend with Damian Lewis at New Yorker Festival! In case you missed it,  we already covered both Damian Lewis in Conversation with Lauren Collins as well as Damian Lewis reading Lawrence Wright’s new play Cleo on the blog; however, there is still too much to talk about… And since we cannot wait for Damian’s new Showtime drama Billions hit our TV screens in a couple of months now, it’s appropriate to start with what Damian talks about when he talks about Billions!

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