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Damian Lewis Attends “Summer Chill” Launch Party

Summer Chill

by Gingersnap | | August 1, 2022

Damian attended the launch party for “Summer Chill,” the new album by multi-talented pianist/organist Joe Webb (Kansas Smitty’s House Band) on Monday, August 1, 2022 at the 100 Club, London. The iconic club is world famous and totes 79 years of British musical history from jazz to punk to rock and roll and beyond. He sure is hitting the music scene!

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Damian on the Out to Lunch Podcast and Video of Jazz Performance

Damian Lewis and the Kansas Smitty’s Supersize Band

by Gingersnap | | June 1, 2021

Listen to Damian on today’s podcast episode of Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner here.  Among many other things, Damian discusses his music and work with the the Kansas Smitty’s Supersize Band.

Here is Damian performing the Dr. John classic ‘Such a Night’ with the Kansas Smitty’s, recorded on February 23, 2021 from Kansas Smitty’s headquarters in East London.  Giacomo Smith and Alec Harper on Alto, Camilla George on Tenor, Dylan Jones on Trumpet, Dave Archer on Guitar, Kit Downes on Keyboard, Joe Webb on Piano, Ferg Ireland on Bass and Jas Kayser and Will Cleasby on Drums.