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Well after yesterday’s momentous news, here’s a short silly item from the Daily Mail that for all we know was made up:

Helen says I don’t

Curvaceous Helen McCrory may have to delay walking down the aisle with handsome Old Etonian and Forsyte Saga star Damian Lewis.

For less than a year after giving birth to their daughter Manon, the actress is pregnant again.

The new arrival in October has upset plans for a summer wedding. Helen, 38, who played Cherie Blair in the film The Queen, once said she would rather be “skinny and drunk” than “fat and sober” on her wedding day.

“They haven’t sent out wedding invitations yet because they are still deciding whether to postpone it until after the baby is born,” says a friend of the couple, who have moved into a five-bedroom house in North London to accommodate their growing family.