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  • More positive viewer comments about the Life pilot episode continue to come in: Click here for a review from the blog Spoiler TV and
    here and
    for a couple more comments from fans at the Yahoo! group.
  • If by some chance you miss the pilot the first time it broadcasts and repeats: USA Network and Bravo will have special viewings of Life on October 6th and 7th. USA Network will rebroadcast the 1st and 2nd episode of Life at 3 and 4pm on October 6th and Bravo will rebroadcast the pilot at 3pm on October 7th.
  • A Ginger Doctor? The Western Mail reports that bookies are offering 6/1 odds that Damian takes over for David Tennant as the next Doctor Who in 2010. Daniel Radcliffe is the favorite. Click here for the article and poll.
  • A new Dazed Digital interview with Chromophobia director Martha Fiennes indicates Chromophobia will be released in December 2007 (not November as previously mentioned)!