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  • has added a new description of Episode 8 – Farthingale (Spoilers ahead!):

    GAS EXPLOSION VAPORIZES HALF A MAN’S BODY AND CHARLIE CREWS BECOMES THE NUMBER ONE SUSPECT IN A MURDER INVESTIGATION – When a gas explosion vaporizes half a man’s torso, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Danni Reese (Sara Shahi) work to figure out if the explosion was an accident or arson. Their investigation reveals the man with half a torso was an IRS agent living a complex life complete with two careers and two wives. Could this IRS agents’ quest to become a hero have gotten him killed? Meanwhile Detective Carl Ames (Roger Brown), who oversaw Crews’ murder investigation, is found dead in the parking lot of the police station. Once again, Crews finds himself at the center of a murder investigation. Adam Arkin, Robin Weigert and Brooke Langton also star.
  • Around the blogosphere: Click here for a post singing Damian’s praises saying “Lewis shoulders the duties of a series leading man as if born to the job.”