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  • NBC has moved Life to a new day and time period!

    Beginning November 5th, Life will broadcast on Wednesdays at 9pm ET on NBC! Life will be slotted between Knight Rider and Law & Order as part of NBC’s new “crime block lineup.” Click here for the NBC press release.

    The Hollywood Reporter thinks it’s “a potential revival opportunity” for Life. James Hibberd at The Live Feed also says it’s a positive move:

    The shakeup represents a real second-chance (third chance?) for “Life.” It’s rare for a drama to get banished to airless Friday nights, then climb back out to midweek.

    As previously noted, NBC plugging a leak with “Life” makes sense as CBS crime procedurals are among the few genres holding their water during this difficult season. Also as previously noted, the Wednesdays at 9 p.m. slot is weak, and “there’s room for a new drama here to rule the mob.” “Life” was earning about a 2.7 rating after “Heroes,” then fell sharply when moved to Fridays at 10 p.m.

    Though “Life” will have a tough time against CBS’ “Criminal Minds,” the show now has hope once again for a pickup should it perform competitively (and the bar for what’s “competitive” has been lowering faster than a limbo stick this season).

    Click here for the rest of the article.

  • There’s a nice new article/ interview at Ha! Damian is still having issues with technology:

    Charlie Crews, the character Damian Lewis plays in Life – ITV’s new drama import from America – is perpetually defeated by modern technology. Lewis isn’t too hot on it himself. The London-born 37-year-old can’t stand Facebook, worries that video games are a threat to the film business and struggles with text messages. When we meet he is wrestling with his mobile phone: ‘Sorry, I’ve just got to text my sister-in-law, who’s a tyrant – if I don’t text back within half an hour she shouts at me,’ he says. ‘My text response time is usually about two days.’ His mobile, grey and chunky, is a model so antiquated that most teenagers would probably mistake it for a TV remote control.

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  • BBC Radio 2 is currently repeating the James Bond Short Stories on Friday nights at 21:15. You can listen to the current episode, part 1 of A View To Kill, here at the BBC site. You can download mp3 clips of the entire series here from our Multimedia section.