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Last performance of ‘The Misanthrope’, ‘Your Highness’ details

  • Gallery Update: Click here for pictures of Damian Lewis leaving the Comedy Theatre following the last performance of The Misanthrope.

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    Director David Gordon Green didn’t show up at SXSW today specifically to talk about his upcoming medieval film with Danny McBride, but he’s so excited about the project he spent a lot of time talking about Your Highness anyway …

    According to Greene, it’s not the parody-like comedy we’ve all sort of assumed it was. Even some of his British actors had the movie all wrong. He says, “I think they thought they were doing like the Holy Grail, they thought it was a spoof. We didn’t make a spoof. We made an adventure, a medieval, early 80s adventure, sword and sorcery film. So it was not Lord of the Rings. When you reference Krull to an actor, they don’t really … Beastmaster they’re not really … you know.”

    That’s right, Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel are about to star in a movie that’s basically Krull… with puppets. Green explains: “It’s got so many different elements working, from puppets to guys in suits that can’t breathe.” …