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BBC Press release on ‘Stolen’

  • The BBC Press Office

    has more on the BBC One film Stolen:

    Damian Lewis plays Detective Inspector Anthony Carter in a fast-paced thriller about human trafficking in Britain today, where

    children are brought here for a better life but end up working illegally outside the system.

    It’s a story of modern child slavery that demonstrates the broadening scope of single dramas on BBC One.

    Stolen follows the story of one man, Anthony (Lewis), and three children.

    Anthony works in the Human Trafficking Unit, battling to make a difference to the plight of exploited children being smuggled

    into the UK and from there, to anywhere and to any fate.

    Anthony has a wall of snapshots in his office of unknown children, children without passports, without identity, without

    family, without hope, who have been smuggled into this country to be enslaved and exploited: Rosemary 11, is a terrorised young

    girl from West Africa, who thought she was coming to England to be educated. She is sold as a house servant; Kim Pak, 15, is a

    gardener in a Vietnamese cannabis house, imprisoned in a semi in suburbia; Georgie, 14, from the Ukraine, is put to work in the

    food industry, making sandwiches.

    If Anthony could save just one of those faces on his wall, it would be worth it.

  • According to the online magazine, Blast, Damian Lewis has signed a limited amount of special edition art prints of Brian Fox’s portrait of Major

    Richard Winters. The portrait is part of The Major Richard Winters Leadership Project, a campaign to raise money for a monument

    in Normandy and a documentary film that will focus on Major Winters’ leadership during WWII. Damian Lewis will narrate the film.

    For more information on the The Major Richard Winters Leadership Project, visit the Tim Gray Media website and the