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Damian on his ‘Your Highness’ Character

The Emanuel Levy website seems to have posted part of the Your Highness press material. The article about casting says this about Damian’s character, Sir Boremont:

Fabious’ right-hand man (pun intended) in battle is the battle-scarred head knight Boremont, who possesses a menacing metal claw in place of the hand he lost during battle. British performer Damian Lewis was asked to come aboard and portray this tough. As Lewis explains: “I play Fabious’ best friend, Boremont. He’s a grizzled, superb warrior and will do anything for Prince Fabious.” Of his appendage, Lewis explains: “Boremont now has a metal claw encased in a housing unit across the top of the arm. This lethal, 12-inch dagger comes out and he use it as a knife.”