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Damian discusses Stolen, Homeland, and plans to do an “improbable” musical:

Lewis played Detective Charlie Crews in the NBC drama Life, and is heading back to the US to make Homeland. “It’s a cable show and is only 13 episodes, like The Wire or Mad Men – hopefully it’ll be as good as those shows.” he says. “It’s a political thriller made by the guys behind 24. I play Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a US Marine found in an al-Qaeda safe-house after being presumed dead for eight years. He is discovered looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

“They bring him home, and it’s seen as a great victory for US intelligence – they’re hoping to make him the poster boy of the American war effort. But at the same time, a thrusting CIA operative played by Claire Danes has information that a captured US soldier has been turned by al-Qaeda and represents a serious threat to a major US city. Cue credits …”

Lewis is also contemplating a return to the theatre – he last appeared on stage two years ago in a London production of The Misanthrope, opposite Keira Knightley – but he confesses to mixed feelings: “It is still the most terrifying thing, no question. There is always the thought that you might forget what you’re supposed to be doing and blank entirely. That’s my fear.”

For all that, he says: “I do have plans to go back on stage. I can’t tell you what the show is – except that it’s a musical. It’s not ‘al-Qaeda The Musical’, but it’s something equally improbable. It could be the end of my career!”

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