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Producer talks ‘Homeland’

A couple excepts from interviews with Homeland Executive Producer Alex Gansa posted below. Warning: Spoilers ahead, if you want to be kept completely in the dark!

Hollywood Reporter:

THR: Have you figured out where you’re taking the show for Season 2?

Gansa: Well, you know, we had Season 1 fairly well mapped out. Season 2 is like a big wide sea in front of us, so we really don’t know. You know, obviously, we’ve started to talk about it. We just finished; we wrapped the show in Charlotte. So we’re done shooting episodes for this year, and we’re beginning to turn our attention to how the story might progress into the next season. I will say that the Brody family continues on into the second season. We don’t end that story here. There’s still plenty of room to explore what’s happening with that family in Season 2.

The Daily Beast:

“Even after we went to pilot, there was a sense of ‘How long can you keep the Brody story going?’ and is the question of ‘Is he or is he not a terrorist?’ and ‘Has he or has he not been turned?’—is that enough to sustain even a season?” said Gansa. “As we got into the story room and started discussing it, it has expanded and bloomed in a way that clearly Brody is going to exist at least through the first two seasons.

“Beyond that, you have a franchise with Saul and Carrie and the CIA and their battle against terrorists,” he continued. “I think the series has legs. How long the Brody character exists in that narrative, I don’t know. But certainly for two seasons.”