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Damian reacts to Emmy nomination

Having wrapped at 1 a.m. the night before, Homeland star Damian Lewis was fast asleep when he received his first-ever Emmy nomination for best actor in a drama series. “You never take awards seriously until you’re nominated. And then you take them very seriously,” he says, still in his pajamas as he absorbs the news which came first from a Showtime publicist. “It’s just nice to be part of the club,” he continues, describing his current state as “elated.” While the rest of his cast spend their evening on the Charlotte, North Carolina, set hard at work on the Emmy-nominated drama’s second season, he and his wife, Helen, will be out to dinner celebrating. He adds: “And there will be champagne.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

It’s such a great show and you and Claire especially have to do such intense work, it must be so rewarding to get these nominations?
DAMIAN LEWIS: Yeah I mean of course. Everyone is always trying to be sort of tasteful about awards and It’s the work that’s important and awards don’t really matter. Of course, it’s nice when you get nominated. It’s ostensibly an Emmy. And it’s a recognition. It’s being in the club and just saying “We thought you handful of guys and girls did amazing work so we’d like to recognize that.” I wanna be a member of this club. []

Damian Lewis calls the Emmy nominations for Showtime’s Homeland a “big breakout story.” “I’m very excited,” he says of his nomination for the role of Nicholas Brody in the show’s first season.

“I’m over the moon. It just seems to have caught people’s imagination. I think it’s because it’s a character-based show that enabled me and Claire (Danes) and all the other actors to explore character and show what we can do. ” [USA Today]

“Right now I just have mimosas sort of swimming around in front of my eyes but I haven’t actually managed to get a hold of one, so I think I need to go and put that right, and maybe a little champagne brunch. I have my family with me and my two small children, so as long as I can drink alcohol and keep them alive for the remainder of the day, that will be a job well done.” — Damian Lewis, nominated for his lead role on “Homeland.” [AP]

“I got the phone call completely in my sleep,” “Homeland” star and Emmy nominee Damian Lewis says with a chuckle. “It was like my Emmy alarm clock.” [Variety]

Damian Lewis, Homeland, Lead Actor in a Drama Series: “I’m over the moon to receive my first Emmy nomination. I feel so lucky to be a part of “Homeland” and am extremely grateful to the writing team for continuing to write such extraordinary roles for all of us. I couldn’t feel more proud to be keeping company with such a fantastic range of talented actors.” [TV Guide]

On reactions to his war hero/terrorist character: “The best reaction was during a photo shoot, when this stylist told me that her friend said to her, ‘Can you imagine going out with that guy? You’d never know if he was lying.’ And I thought, ‘You know, that does go to the heart of it, doesn’t it?”

On playing an American: “I’m very aware that this is a role a lot of American actors would like to play. I think people forgive me generally. But one or two people have surprised me. They’ve said, ‘Wait a minute, you’re British.’ And I’m not sure if they’re going to hug me or punch my lights out.” [LA Times]

For his part, Lewis said the response to the show has largely been driven by the nation’s still unsettled mood.

“I think [writers] have very cleverly captured a moment in time,” he said. “There’s a lot of dissatisfaction in the public mood — there’s an ennui about the war on terror, but also a specter of threat from this hidden enemy and a fear we’ll get blown up again. I think the show rides both those truths very well.” [LA Times]