Credits and Thank Yous



  • Kaz – Fantastic lady based in the UK.
  • Ryoko – Runs her own Damian fansite, DL Japan.
  • Ann – Always on top of news and runs a great fansite, Damian’s Dominion.
  • Jen – Reports from Oz.
  • Katerina – Reports from the Czech Republic.
  • Milou – Has shared news, pictures, clips.
  • Linda in Belgium – Has also shared news, pictures, clips.
  • Helen – Keeping Latin American bunnies updated.
  • Agent d – NYC bunnie who uploads to the gallery.
  • Linda and Connie – Thank you for being so supportive!
  • perfectlymatte – Responsible for many video clips!
  • Jo-anne – Thank you for sharing your music videos!
  • Amanda, Chris, Susan, Jessica, Ingrid, and the many other
    women who have posted articles at DLYG over the years!
  • Dotty – thank you for all your wonderful videoclips!
  • Dryope – Thank you for sharing your Damian pics!
  • Andrea of the Chuck site Don’t Freak Out – thanks for all the HQ pics and casting sides!
  • Grimorie from the lifetv community for all the goodies and info.




This list isn’t meant to be complete. If you feel you’ve been overlooked, please contact us here.