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More ‘The Silent Storm’ press from Cannes

Damian and The Silent Storm director Corinna Villari-McFarlane are interviewed by Empire at Cannes on May 21st. The clip starts at 18:19.

Also, from the Daily Express:

He will be shooting on the Isle of Mull for the thriller The Silent Storm, which will co-star Andrea Riseborough.

Much of the action will be filmed around Tobermory, and the film is backed by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, the current producers of the James Bond films.

Cameras are to roll at the end of June on the picture, a story about a presbyterian minister and his wife and their encounter with a young delinquent.

Speaking after the Cannes Film Festival where the film was announced, the multi-award-winning Band of Brothers star Lewis, 42, said: “I cannot wait to work with Andrea at last and get our teeth into these very meaty roles.

“There is nothing so rewarding for a film actor as the intensity of an intimate shoot like this will be, isolated away in a beautiful part of the world.”

Flush with the success of Skyfall, which grossed $1billion at the box office, Bond producer Ms Broccoli snapped up the first-time feature from Corrina Villari-McFarlane.

Having produced theatre hits Chariots of Fire and current musical Once, but never having ventured away from Bond on the big screen, Ms Broccoli said: “I was so excited by the script that I read it twice. I found behind it a young, gutsy British female film-maker. Well, I’m a big believer there should definitely be more of those.”

Lewis could take the role because Homeland is on a break this summer.

In Silent Storm he is a Second World War veteran who comes home to a changing community.

Lewis said: “He is a man of a bygone era, beaten down, pent up and repressed, so he crushes the women around him. It is a tempestuous, brooding drama, just one of those magical pieces.”

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Damian Lewis: from Homeland to Highlands

Damian Lewis took a break from Homeland to come to Cannes to promote The Silent Storm, in which he will star opposite Andrea Riseborough.

Corinna Villari-McFarlane writes and directs the feature, which will shoot on the Isle of Mull in Scotland from late June.

The Silent Storm follows the story of an overbearing husband and his wife, who meet a young delinquent. Villari-McFarlane says her script is influenced by anything from Carl Jung to Celtic myths: “It is a strong, simple story with universal emotions.

“The main thing was to get great actors who come to it for the right reasons and who have real depth,” the writer-director told Screen on Tuesday.

Lewis was her first choice but she thought his schedule would be busy; thankfully Homeland is on hiatus this summer, which allows him time to shoot in Scotland.

Lewis says he was drawn to the script because “it is an intimate character piece. I loved it and it’s not just bleak, gritty British reality, it has scale and it also has hope.” He says her script is in the same school as masters like Ingmar Bergman or Werner Herzog. Indeed, his character undertakes a Fitzcarraldo-like physical challenge during the story.

Lewis’s character is a Second World War veteran who comes home to a changing community. “He is a man of a bygone era; he¹s beaten down, he’s pent up and repressed, and he crushes the women around him,” says Lewis.

But don’t let that put you off: Lewis also notes there are “moments of joy” in the film.

Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are executive-producing alongside Marc Samuelson, Steve Milne and Hani Farsi.

Nicky Bentham (Moon) of Neon Films produces.

Bentham said: “It is a tempestuous, brooding drama but full of life and full of colour,” and, of Mull, she added: “It is just one of those magical places.” Bentham and Villari-McFarlane are also working on a very different project: a screwball sex comedy called Monk’s Apartment.


Source: Screen Daily

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Homeland’s Brody makes his escape… to become a priest

in cannes

Damian Lewis will use a break in the middle of shooting the third series of hit TV drama Homeland to preach the gospel.

The award-winning actor has signed to play a puritanical pastor who believes he has become God’s true messenger in a crumbling community in the westernmost islands of Scotland.

He will star in the film The Silent Storm, opposite Andrea Riseborough as a sensual, free spirit whom the priest rescues when she’s washed up on the beach. ‘They have a relationship, but he so adheres to the disciplines of the Christian faith that she suffers and he crushes any life out of her,’ Lewis explained about the film, to be directed by Corinna McFarlane from her own screenplay.

Added to the problems at the vicarage, the local mine has closed and the pastor’s flock are moving to the mainland — plus there’s a tragedy that affects the couple’s future.

A delinquent teenage lad is sent from Glasgow to live with them and, well, the tale heats up. McFarlane’s story is set in a Fifties world. ‘But before it becomes apparent that you’re in the 20th century, you could very easily be in the early 19th,’ Lewis said.

‘It’s very Ibsen-esque, but I don’t think the palate of the film will be granite grey. It’s got something that’s a bit more uplifting than that,’ Lewis stressed. McFarlane and Nicky Bentham, the film’s producer, has been championed by James Bond film executive Barbara Broccoli. She was shown McFarlane’s script and was determined to back the picture.

‘It’s really important to have original, fresh female voices out there, and Corinna’s incredibly talented. She has a vision and has something to say, and I want to support that,’ Broccoli, visiting Cannes, told me. Filming will start on June 23.

Lewis said his Homeland schedule has a natural gap, with time enough to shoot The Silent Storm. He told me his character in the hit show, U.S. veteran-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody, is ‘on the run and he’s public enemy Number 1 in the world and we will find him somewhere surprising’.

Lewis continued: ‘We will find Brody in a Brody-esque state, which usually means an unhealthy one. He’s a survivor, a cockroach. You can’t kill Brody. What’s emerged in him over the first two seasons is he’s a victim of war, he’s been poisoned and he leaks his poison wherever he goes. Damaged people are dangerous to be around because he damages others.’

In the middle of his crazy filming schedule, audiences will see Lewis as Lord Capulet in a new film of Romeo And Juliet adapted by Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes.

Source: Daily Mail

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‘The Silent Storm’ Portrait Session

Damian Lewis in Cannes to promote The Silent Storm

Damian Lewis was in Cannes on Tuesday to promote The Silent Storm with director Corinna MacFralane and producers Barbara Broccoli and Nicky Bentham. Click below for HQ pictures from the portrait session.

Gallery Link:

Photoshoots > Session 064

Here’s what Damian had to say about Homeland and The Silent Storm:

“Homeland” without Sgt. Nicholas Brody? Damian Lewis says it’s possible.

The British actor has become an American television star playing the U.S. Marine-turned-conflicted al-Qaida terrorist in the award-winning thriller series.

He’ll soon start filming the third season, which begins with Brody at large and the world’s most wanted man, hunted by his adversary and sometime lover, CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes).

Whether Brody will be run to ground – and how long the character can avoid what seems like inevitable doom – the actor can’t say.

“I think `Homeland can go on forever,” Lewis told The Associated Press in Cannes. “Whether Brody can go on forever is a different matter.

“We’ll just play each season as it comes. Writers write themselves into interesting positions, sometimes not wholly expected positions. So it’s a continuing surprise for everybody.”

The show has won a packet of awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Lewis, and has managed to maintain its momentum even after resolving the is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-terrorist mystery of season one.

Lewis says making “Homeland” is still enormous fun, but he’s confident the show’s creators will know when to call it quits.

“I know they won’t flog it,” he said. “I think once it stops being interesting they’ll leave it alone.”

Lewis is in Cannes to talk about “The Silent Storm,” a poetic romantic drama set in a remote Scottish island community. Lewis will co-star with Andrea Riseborough (“W.E.”, “Oblivion”) in the movie, due to shoot this summer.

“I just thought this was a superior piece of writing,” Lewis said. “It also happened to fit around my family and `Homeland.'”

That’s a key consideration. Lewis tries to arrange his schedule to spend as much time as he can with his wife, actress Helen McCrory, and their young son and daughter.

“Once you have kids – and if you’ve made a decision that you’re going to parent them and not just have them and hand them over to someone else – then it becomes very significant what work you choose,” he said.

“The Silent Storm” is a first feature from writer-director Corinna Villari McFarlane but it has some heavyweight backing. The film’s executive producer is Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions, the company behind the James Bond series.

“The writing has an authenticity and sincerity, and also an ecstasy in it that you rarely find in smaller films,” Lewis said. “I love the idea of getting in front of the camera with Andrea. I think we’ll have lots of fun.”

Source: AP

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New Project: The Silent Storm

EXCLUSIVE: Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson to exec-produce love story starring Andrea Riseborough and Damian Lewis, due to get underway this summer.

Oblivion and Shadowdancer star Andrea Riseborough is to star alongside Homeland’s Damian Lewis in love story The Silent Storm, which WestEnd will be presenting to buyers in Cannes.

James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of Eon Productions will executive produce and finance the drama, which is produced by Moon co-producer Nicky Bentham of Neon Films.

BIFA-nominated director Corinna Villari-McFarlane has written and will direct the feature about an enigmatic outsider, played by Riseborough, living on a remote Scottish island who is caught between her commanding husband (Lewis) and a 17 year-old delinquent.

Principal photography is due to get underway this summer in Scotland.

Marc Samuelson, Steve Milne and Hani Farsi are also executive producers and financiers on the project alongside Transparent Film Financing.

“It is very exciting to me to be working with Corinna, a director who has a fresh female voice and a strong creative vision”, said Broccoli, whose Eon makes a rare foray into a non-Bond production. “Her inspiring script has attracted two of Britain’s most talented actors and we believe that she will make a powerful film”

On the question of whether Eon would be looking to produce more non-Bond features in the near-future, the outfit told Screen:
“We’re always interested in the potential of other projects whether it’s feature film, documentary or theatre, it just so happens we’ve been focusing more on theatre recently with the musical Once on Broadway and now in London.

“The timing on The Silent Storm has worked out well for us, we’re always excited to discover fresh British talent, Corinna is a really inspiring young female director with an incredible vision and her superb script has so far been attracting a fantastic British cast and crew.”