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Basic Info

Project Phase: Completed

Genre: Drama

Filmed: 20 August – 10 October 2004 on Isle of Man and in London

Premiere: 21 May 2005 (The 58th Cannes Film Festival)

Release Dates: 10 May 2006 (France); 18 May 2007 (Spain); Fall 2007 (UK)

Production Co: Quinta Communications, Rotholz Pictures

Distributor: Quinta Distribution (France); Eurocine Films (Spain); Medusa Films (Italy); Momentum Pictures (UK)

Cast: Damian Lewis (Marcus Aylesbury); Kristin Scott Thomas (Iona Aylesbury); Ralph Fiennes (Stephen Tulloch); Ben Chaplin (Trent); Ian Holm (Edward Aylesbury); Penélope Cruz (Gloria); Rhys Ifans (Colin)

Crew: Martha Fiennes (Director); Martha Fiennes (Screenwriter); Tarak Ben Ammar (Producer); Ron Rotholz (Producer)


“What do you do when your wife Iona Aylesbury (Kristin Scott Thomas) can’t tell the difference between a shrink and a shop, your eight year old son Orlando spray paints his rabbit’s name on the walls to get attention, whilst his gay godfather Stephen (Ralph Fiennes) lies half beaten to death in hospital? Your boss is drawing you into a scam, which could cost you your career, your father Edward Aylesbury has an illegitimate love child with his former mistress, Gloria (Penelope Cruz). Her social worker Colin, (Rhys Ifans), cannot help prying in to her past and present, and your stepmother Penelope’s bond with her dogs is your best role model of a loving relationship? Every family has a secret it hides behind the walls of its home… and these are the dilemmas and secrets of Marcus Aylesbury. When Marcus’s old “friend” Trent, a tabloid journalist, gets wind of a story he knows will make him a media star, the good old virtues of honesty, loyalty and friendship are sacrificed to the new morality of success and celebrity. This darkly comedic drama relentlessly pulls these characters into situations which threaten their stable place in a society where privilege and birth are no longer powerful enough to protect the fortunate few, and where the American values of money, beauty and success have become the cornerstones of contemporary London life.”

Source: Isle of Man

News and Notes

07 June 2007 – Actress Kristin Scott Thomas briefly discussed Chromophobia in an interview with the Daily Mail:

She says she was angry that a film she made in 2004, Chromophobia, was never distributed in England.

“It was a great role for me – a lunatic mother, completely self-obsessed. I gave a lot of time for a cut-rate fee, only to see it fall by the wayside.”

19 June 2007 – From a new message from Damian: Chromophobia is supposed to be out this
fall in the UK.

05 July 2007 – Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis will screen at the 27th Cambridge Film Festival on July 12th. The film will be followed by a Question and Answer session with director Martha Fiennes, actor Ben Chaplin, and photography director George Tiffin.

24 Nov 2007 – Chromophobia will be theatrically released in the UK by Momentum Pictures on December 14, 2007. Director Martha Fiennes recently discussed the film in an interview with the Times.

30 Nov 2007 – A National Press screening for Chromophobia will be held at the Soho Screening
on December 11th. The film will run for up to 2 weeks from Friday, December 14th at the Cineworld theatres listed below:

Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue

Cineworld Ashton
Cineworld Bristol
Cineworld Castleford
Cineworld Enfield
Cineworld Sheffield
Cineworld Stevenage

Additional playdates and cinemas to be announced.