Birthday 2009

Do a Good Deed For Damian!

Damian’s 38th birthday on February 11th is fast approaching. Two years ago, as a birthday tribute, fans were asked to perform a special act of kindness in honor of the event and Damian was very touched by the gesture and sent this note of thanks:

“Wow! what a great idea to do “a special good deed” for my birthday. Thank you so much. I always appreciate everyone’s thoughts, cards and gifts but this really will mean that my birthday will make a difference, however small, to someone else. That’s really special.”

We would like to do the same thing for Damian’s birthday this year. Throughout February please
consider performing a special act of charity or kindness in honor of Damian Lewis. It has to be something special that you don’t normally do. You can make a donation to a charity, or volunteer your services at a local food bank, or donate a unit of blood to save a life, or just reach out to someone who appears to need a friend. You can choose whatever you wish but think to yourself “This is for Damian!” as you perform the action.

It’s totally up to you, but if you would like to make a charitable donation and can’t decide which charity to select – consider Damian’s favorite charities – the Prince’s Trust and the Christian Aid organization. Click here for more information about these charities and donating.

There have been many illustrations of Damian’s own willingness to give his time, name, talent, and money to worthy causes; let’s show him that we have learned from his example and do something nice in his honor! Happy Birthday, Damian!

Personal Birthday Greetings

If you’d like to send a personal message to Damian just email your message to Tessel (feel free to attach a photo of yourself if you wish.) She will collect all of the messages and forward them to Damian’s London agents.

If you wish to send a birthday card or gift to Damian directly, mail it to his London agents at the address below:

Fan Mail
Damian Lewis
c/o Pippa Markham
Markham & Froggatt
4 Windmill Street