Photos and Videos of Union Chapel Performance

Arriving with his amp



Stage and Audience

Set List

Opening Act Christy O’Donnell


With the Fans

With Monique

Damian’s former drama school teacher Kenneth Rea

Bahar of Fan Fun with Damian Lewis team

With Bahar

Bahar, brother Gareth

Brother Gareth

Bahar’s husband Atila

Group of fans – Monique and Bahar spotted

With Fans – Atila, Monique, Vincent, etc.

Videos and Clips

Wanna Grow Old In Paris


New Original – She Makin’ Me Change

New Original – Fate

Harvest Moon

Down on the Bowery

Hole in My Roof



All photos obtained from Getty Images and various public social media. Big thanks to Petra, Lou, Shanshan Xu, Brigitte, Keren, Patrick Cleasby, Gabi, Ann, Monique and many, many more.