Boogie Woogie

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Basic Info

Project Phase: Pre-Production

Genre: Satire

Filming: N/A

Production Co: Muse Films

Distributor: N/A

Cast & Crew:
Rachel Weisz

Gerard Depardieu

Damian Lewis

Charlotte Rampling
Danny Huston

Duncan Ward (Director)


The hip, trendy New York art scene provides the backdrop for Moynihan’s satiric debut novel, a montage-like collection of scenes in which the author tries to mimic structurally the energy of the Mondrian masterpiece that links the fates of his art world characters. Moynihan introduces his wacky crew in rapid-fire succession. At the top of the heap is Art Spindle, a powerful gallery owner who shows the work of established artist Jo Richards and fights to extract money from rich patrons like the elderly Rhinegolds. Lower down on the totem pole are up-and-coming agent Beth Freemantle, who eventually opens her own gallery, and intriguing young artist Elaine Yoon-Jung Yi, a lesbian who seduces and stalks her paramours and then turns her sexual escapades into video pieces. What comes after the introductions is a nonstop series of scenes and snippets from the lives of the various characters, covering deals, conversations and sexual encounters that wander into some kinky terrain …

Source: Publishers Weekly

News & Notes

2 March 2006 – Damian Lewis is mentioned in connection with director Duncan Ward’s Boogie Woogie, a film to be based on Danny Moynihan’s satirical novel about the art world.

15 May 2006 – From Damian’s assistant Melissa: “Damian will be linked to Boogie Woogie in some capacity but nothing
firm yet.”

06 Oct 2006 – Damian Lewis is cast in Boogie Woogie to start shooting in December 2006:

Cameras start rolling Stateside this December for the long-awaited movie of Danny Moynihan’s artworld romp Boogie Woogie, directed by the dashing Duncan Ward, husband of Mollie Dent Brocklehurst of Gagosian Gallery and Sudeley Castle fame. The illustrious cast includes former Ward flame Rachel Weisz (above left), Damian Lewis and Gerard Depardieu. Charlotte Rampling (above right) is also taking a cameo role, thus further assuring the actress’s status as an art muse: past projects have involved Ms Rampling cavorting decadently in a hotel room for the lens for Juergen Teller and having her eye pulled around on camera by Steve McQueen. Let’s hope for her sake that her Boogie Woogie role is less arduous.

11 November 2006 – According to an update received from Damian’s assistant, Boogie Woogie is scheduled to begin shooting in January 2007 and will also star Danny Huston.

16 January 2007 – Muse Films lists Boogie Woogie as one of its productions in development.

18 January 2007 – Update from Damian’s assistant: “Damian informs me that it’s still not certain (Boogie Woogie) will go ahead. In fact all the film projects are in limbo at the moment. I will let you know if anything happens.”

15 February 2007 – Actress Meredith Ostrom said in a Feb 2 article in the Daily Mail that she would be “making a film called Boogie Woogie soon” The Daily Mail also says Gillian Anderson may star in the film.