Love and Virtue

Basic Info

Project Phase: Pre-Production

Genre: Drama

Filming: N/A

Production Co: Fountain of Life Productions

Distributor: N/A

Cast: Damian Lewis (Orlando), Virginie Ledoyen (Angelica), John Malkovich (Rodomonte), Peter O’Toole (Atlantes), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Rinaldo), Saffron Burrows (Bradamante), Stephen Dillane (Charlemagne), Leonor Varel (Morgana), Vincent Perez (Ruggiero), Cristian de la Fuente (Ferrau), Daryl Hannah (Fiordelisa), Michael Madsen (Gradasso), Anna Massey (Eleanor), Alexa Rey (Marie), Boo Boo Stewart (Pierre).

Crew: Raoul Ruiz (Director), Mia Sperber & Stefano Pratesi (Screenwriters), Scribe Sperber (Producer), Alex Sullivan (Producer), Jimmy de Brabant (Co-producer), Bob Bellion (Co-producer), Kwesi Dickson (Co-producer), John Daly (Executive Producer), Lalo Schifrin (Composer), Keith Wilson (Set Designer)


This is a movie about passion, loyalty and friendship, with the main characters competing for the love of a woman, whilst exemplifying the courage needed to stand by those you love, in life and on the battlefield.

Sword and mystical elements are used in an intriguing mix to delineate a fascinating historical era, at the centre of which shines the astonishing figure of King Charles the Great (Charlemagne), the unifier of Europe in the 8th century AD.
The characters surrounding Charlemagne are as captivating as their leader. Orlando, the story’s
valiant hero is intuitive, generous and torn between his desperate love for stunning Angelica, his faithfulness as a knight to the king he serves, and his life-long friendship to another of Charlemagne’s loyal knights, Rinaldo. The latter – sly, charismatic and arrogant, goes through as powerful an inner struggle as Orlando.

The intriguing life path that each man decides to follow becomes in the film a symbol for momentous choices that are as relevant today as twelve centuries ago.
The cinematic narrative weaves a tale in which magic, dreams and action are intertwined magnificently, allowing the viewer to follow other amazing characters as well, including the alluring lady knight Bradamante in love with the Barbarian Ruggiero, the wizard Atlantes, the evil knight Ferrau, the Barbarian leaders Rodomonte and Gradasso, and the provocative beauties, Morgana and Alcina.

Breathtaking imagery, memorable music and superb cinematography take the viewers through visions and hopes, heartbreak and suffering, failures and victories, all with the purpose of bringing forward perennial and valuable lessons, in the continuous and implacable battle between good and evil that characterizes our world.

Source: Intandem

News & Notes

20 November 2006 – Variety reports Damian Lewis will play Orlando in the upcoming period film Love and Virtue. Raoul Ruiz will direct the script which is based on the epic poems
“The Song of Roland” and “Orlando Innamorato.” Damian Lewis will portray Orlando, a knight in King Charlemagne’s
court who falls for Angelica (Virginie Ledoyen). The film also stars John Malkovich, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole, and Saffron Burrows. Shooting begins March 2007 in Belgium.

23 November 2006 – Damian’s assistant updated the group on the status of Love and Virtue and says “they still need to find the money in order for it to be “green lit” but they are obviously quietly confident or they wouldn’t have gone to press. Still [Damian] reminded me that the film biz is totally unpredictable so it’s early days.”

28 November 2006 – IMDb has added a listing for Love and Virtue.

01 December 2006 – IMDb’s Love and Virtue page now lists the film’s cast including Damian Lewis as rumored.

15 December 2006 – Fountain of Life productions has added a press page for Love and Virtue and includes the original press release.

23 February 2007 – Intandem is handling international sales.

Fountain of Life Productions has updated their website for Love and Virtue.

29 March 2007 – An update on Love and Virtue was received from Fountain of Life Productions:

Pre-production (building of the sets, etc.) is now scheduled for mid-April. The delay is due to a funding adjustment needed because of a recent governmental decision about moviemaking in the UK.

The Oscar nominated composer Lalo Schifrin has already written music for five songs for the soundtrack that are based on lyrics by scriptwriter Mia Sperber. “The music is phenomenal and one of the most beautiful melodies goes to the song of Orlando (Damian Lewis) and Angelica (Virginie Ledoyen); the tracks will be sung by Hayley Westenra and Aled Jones.

21 Apr 2007 – Fountain of Life Productions will be promoting Love and Virtue next month in the Cannes Film Market at the Cannes Film Festival.

25 Apr 2007 – In a message sent to his Yahoo! Group fans Damian Lewis said that Love and Virtue “has been shelved for the time being.”

19 June 2007 – Damian Lewis sent word via his assistant that he will no longer be appearing in Love and Virtue.