Man Is Wolf to Man

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Basic Info

Project Phase: Pre-production

Genre: Action Thriller

Filming: Scheduled for Fall

Production Co: Santana Brothers

Distributor: N/A

Cast: Damian Lewis, Pihla Viitala, Vinzenz Kiefer

Dominic Santana (Director), Dominic and Lee Santana (Screenwriters), Lee Santana (Producer), Paul Sarony (Line Producer)


French Guyana, 1934. A group of six prisoners escape from a French penal colony only to be pursued by a notorious Bounty Hunter; an adversary who claims the price of a fugitive’s hand as a reward.

RAFAEL, an ex Foreign Legion soldier, and our hero, has been just been released from a two year term in solitary confinement. Broken physically and mentally, fate offers him the chance of freedom when he is caught up in a savage breakout.

Led by a fellow escapee, SARCHELLE, the party set off along a secret trail, Mal Paso San Pedro, which will lead them out of the rain forest and towards the mountains of Brazil. With miles of treacherous swamps, wild animals and hostile natives, the journey promises to be perilous, but the biggest threat to the group will come from within.

When SACHA, a young prisoners’ ‘rent boy’, absconds with all their rations, and is found brutally slain minus a hand, the group’s worst fears are realized. LA MASQUE, a notorious, heavily tattooed bounty hunter employed by the authorities, is now on their trail.

As they move deeper into the jungle, RUPNER, a German profiteer prisoner, chances upon on a secret horde of treasure in a deserted mysterious settlement. Unable to resist, he succumbs to his greed and decides to split, but his actions prove to be his final act of avarice, when later he staggers back to the group, deathly pale and mutilated like the last.

Completely unravelled by this, JULEK, a former camp ‘trustee’ and coward by nature, announces his decision to turn back; casting doubt on his desire to escape from the beginning. Rafael’s suspicions are confirmed, when he discovers that back in camp Julek was a secret informant in the pay of the guards. Has he been leaving clues to give away their position? Playing them all along to collect a reward?

Sensing his life in grave danger, Julek seizes his chance to escape by boarding a speeding train that passes through a remote logging line. Now with their position compromised to the authorities, success is doubtful; they will be lost to the jungle if they deviate from the path, yet to find freedom means a further weeks trek.

Weakened by lack of food and exhausted by the heat, EMMANUELLE, a shrewd, young girl, sold into prostitution and out for revenge, is alarmed to hear Sarchelle recount the story of a previous escape party’s cannibal pact. Interpreting the subtext, Emmanuelle sexually aligns herself to Sarchelle in a calculated move to ensure her own survival.

Now with the group fractured, their nemesis drawing ever closer and the hope for freedom slipping away, Rafael faces a terrible choice. Lose his life, or lose his conscience.

Source: Santana Brothers