Normal for Norfolk

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Basic Info

Project Phase: Complete

Genre: Short/ Comedy

Production Co: Picture Farm

Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival (22 August 2006)

Cast: Stephen Campbell Moore (Ray), Tim Pigott-Smith (Randall), Hosh Kane (Orderly 1), Jamie Deeks (Orderly 2), Nicholas Rowe (Jumper Man), Olivia DeSouza (Young Girl), Annette Badland (Witch), Helen McCrory (Clare), Ewen MacIntosh (Orderly 3)

Crew: Gareth Lewis (Director & Screenwriter), Damian Lewis (Producer), Adrian Sturges (Producer)


Protesting his sanity and denying his name, a mental asylum inmate, ‘Ray’, is being transferred to another facility. He escapes from the ambulance and flees into the woods. Pursued by Randall, the delusional ambulance driver, the heavily sedated Ray undergoes a suburban trial by ordeal before finally making it home to his wife. But why does she call him Ian? And where’s he been for the past year? Last time she saw him he said he was just popping out for some milk. Randall curses his bad luck again. But there’s more than one Ray to fill an asylum…

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News & Notes

21 Apr 2007 – This review in the Winston-Salem Jounal for the Normal For Norfolk screening at the
RiverRun International Film Festival in North Carolina says:

“…The other highlight of the program is Normal for Norfolk, a dark British comedy about a man who breaks free on Halloween while he’s being transferred from one insane asylum to another. Very funny stuff…”

26 Apr 2007 – Normal For Norfolk is currently available for viewing on MySpace. Gareth Lewis has entered the short film in the MyMovie MashUp competition; if selected as one of three final nominees he could win £1million to create a feature film to be released in 2008. Click here for more information.

31 May 2007 –
The 12 semifinalists in the MyMovie MashUp competition have been announced and unfortunately Gareth Lewis’s short film Normal for Norfolk was not selected.

03 June 2007 –
Gareth Lewis’s short film Normal for Norfolk (produced by Damian Lewis and Adrian Sturges for Picture Farm and featuring Helen McCrory) is the Myspace Pick of the Week!