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Billions Star Damian Lewis on CBS Sunday Morning – Feb 19, 2017

Damian Lewis and the Big Picture

by Jim Axelrod – CBS Sunday Morning – February 19, 2017

Actor Damian Lewis (right), with correspondent Jim Axelrod in London. Source: CBS NEWS

Damian Lewis was widely praised for his portrayal of a no-nonsense Army officer in HBO’s critically-acclaimed mini-series, “Band of Brothers.” Lewis has made quite a name for himself playing a number of all-American roles even though, as Jim Axelrod explains, there’s nothing all-American about him:

On the north shore of Long Island actor Damian Lewis is showing us around the fictional home of hedge-fund mogul Bobby Axelrod, the character Lewis portrays in “Billions,” which is having its second season premiere tonight on CBS-owned Showtime.

“It’s a nice spread!” Jim Axelrod laughed. “Some Axelrods live better than others!”

At this point in his career, it’s no surprise Lewis has created another indelible working class character. It’s his wheelhouse, and what he loves most about acting on TV these days: the chance to explore a character’s complexity in a way a two-hour feature film doesn’t always provide.

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