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Lunch For Two With Band of Brothers Cast in LA – Nov 8, 2019

Banding Together: Band of Brothers Helping Troops

by Gingersnap | | November 8, 2019

Win lunch for two with cast of Band of Brothers in Los Angeles. All proceeds support injured Veterans via @homesforourtrps.  You and a guest will have the opportunity to break bread and enjoy riveting conversation in one of LA’s favorite restaurant establishments with the following cast members:*

Colin Hanks
Scott Grimes
Ron Livingston
Ross McCall
Frank John Hughes
Jimmy Madio
Rick Gomez
Richard Speight Jr
Damian Lewis
Michael Cudlitz
Neal McDonough
Dale Dye
*Names are subject to change

The experience includes lunch for you and your guest on a mutually agreeable date. Must be used within 12 months of the auction. No age restrictions. Click here to bid.

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Easy Company’s Hard Times, Los Angeles Time, August 26, 2001

Easy Company’s Hard Times

by Susan King, Los Angeles Times, August 26, 2001

HBO’s ‘Band of Brothers’ miniseries re-creates the bonds forged in a unit of American GIs during bloody European fighting in World War II.

HOLLYWOOD — It’s hard not to be struck by the silence when watching Tom Hanks’ war, as played in the 10-part HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers,” which begins Sunday.

Although millions were spent in filming the series, which aims to capture the three-year odyssey of the U.S. paratroopers of Easy Company up to and through D-day and on to the ultimate defeat of the Germans in World War II, the result is a study in how powerful restraint can be. Shot from the point of view of a fighting man, “Band of Brothers” puts one in the trenches, in the chaos and often in the silence of war. Continue reading Easy Company’s Hard Times, Los Angeles Time, August 26, 2001