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This Week on Blu-Ray: April 3-9

Keane in 4K

by Sean Greenwood | | April 4, 2023

This week Grasshopper Film has a Blu-ray for Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane (2004), starring Damian Lewis, Abigail Breslin, Amy Ryan, Christopher Evan Welch and Tina Holmes.

Grasshopper Film presents Keane from a new 4K scan of the original camera negative, which was supervised by Lodge Kerrigan and Kristina Boden. Extras include Steven Soderbergh’s alternate cut of the film and a theatrical trailer.


William Keane (Damian Lewis) is a mentally unbalanced man who roams the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, looking for his daughter, who was supposedly kidnapped a year earlier.

When he’s not at the bus station he holes up in a dingy hotel, numbing himself with drugs and alcohol.

But when Lynn (Amy Ryan), a young single mother, and her daughter, Kira (Abigail Breslin), check into the hotel, Keane reaches out to help them, and he ends up helping himself at the same time.

Official trailer below:

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Keane Available on AppleTV in January 2023

Watch Keane on AppleTV

by Gingersnap | | January 22, 2023

The new 4K restoration of Lodge Kerrigan’s film Keane starring Damian Lewis is now available for pre-order on AppleTV starting today and streaming begins January 31, 2023. Visit AppleTV here for more information. Roger Ebert described the film as “a masterfully harrowing psychodrama” in his 2005 review here.

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Keane: Exclusive Streaming Premiere in January 2023

Cinema Verité: The Criterion Collection

by Staff | | December 28, 2022

In the 1960s filmmakers on both sides of the Atlantic spilled into the streets in search of cinematic truth, armed with lightweight cameras that allowed for an unprecedented level of intimacy and liberated documentary from the conventions of voice-over narration and talking-head interviews. Today the term Cinema Verité (“cinema of truth”) is used as a catchall for both the philosophical and ethnographic inquiries of Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin—who coined the term—and the Direct Cinema movement in the U.S., which revolutionized and popularized the documentary form by attempting to capture, with startling immediacy, the truth of everyday life, often finding it in the era’s churning counterculture.

This January, it’s time to get real. Our Cinema Verité collection looks back at the movement that revolutionized documentary filmmaking, producing some of the most adventurous and captivating nonfiction films of all time. We’re taking a closer look at formative moments in two of our favorite filmmakers’ careers, spotlighting the time that Mike Leigh spent making extraordinary teleplays at the BBC and Abbas Kiarostami’s work crafting films for and about children. And that’s just the beginning of a month that’s packing genre thrills (courtesy of Fernando Di Leo), Hollywood classics (starring Joan Bennett), unforgettable suspense (Hitchcock, anyone?) and so much more!

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