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  • Josie shared information about the September UK release of Keane starring Damian Lewis including this link to Soda Pictures, the UK distributor, and also this myspace page dedicated to the film.

  • Strombreaker update!

    » Did you ever imagine that a movie idol might be called Yassen?! According to redrose_blackribbon a “Yassen is interesting, really!” campaign is now ongoing at!

    » KathyV posted information about Damian Lewis’s Stormbreaker character Yassen Gregorovich (spoiler warnings!)

    Ann shared this article about Hey Kid! – the Matt Willis song on the Stormbreaker soundtrack that is supposed to feature Damian Lewis in the music video.

    » Some of the UK Alex Rider fans have reported that the cinemas have been sold out when they went to see repeat screenings of Stormbreaker!

  • Rian reminded Damian’s fans of the infamous “bugle picture” of Damian Lewis (and all the fun we’ve had talking about it over time!)
  • Click here to download Jo-anne’s lovely Goodbye, My Lover music video of Damian Lewis from Brides.