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  • Selene contacted Shadow Distribution and learned that no advance screenings of The Situation starring Damian Lewis are planned until the film screens at the Hamptons Film Festival in New York in October. The movie will be released in New York City in early 2007.
  • Check out Dryope’s terrific Band of Brothers site for newly uploaded photos of Damian Lewis along with other handsome men of Easy Company! Selene has added the photos of Damian to the Warehouse.
  • US members be sure and check your local PBS station, some (but not all) stations are running and re-running The Forsyte Saga starring Damian Lewis this month (and the US broadcast includes some scenes that are not available on DVD!) And don’t forget to vote for Damian’s portrayal of Soames Forsyte as “Best Male Lead in a Period Drama” in the Masterpiece Theater poll – the winners will be featured in a 35th Anniversary program next March!