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  • More articles, reviews, and clips for the UK release of Lodge Kerrigan’s brilliant film Keane featuring Damian Lewis’s incredible portrayal of William Keane!

    » Click here to download and listen to the September 22nd Film Programme interview with Damian Lewis on BBC Radio 4.

    » Click here to listen to an interview with Keane director, Lodge Kerrigan.

    » According to a recent
    review in This Is London “…if you want to see a superb performance, watch Damian Lewis in this.”

    » This Independent review states “Lewis creates a kind of heat around himself…It’s a quiet performance that speaks volumes – a landmark.”

    » Click here (and scroll down) to download and view a low-res clip of Damian Lewis’s September 22nd appearance on the BBC Breakfast program (a high-res version of the clip will soon be available!)

    » Click
    here for an updated list of Keane screenings in the UK and Ireland. It’s an unforgettable film, don’t miss it!

    » Keane will be distributed in Australia by Accent Film, no dates yet.