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  • Jess shared the news that Damian Lewis was included in Saturday’s issue of the Times Magazine in a feature about The Best of British Talent Portfolio citing his “superb, break-out performance as a schizophrenic in Keane”.
  • US members located in areas where Stormbreaker has already been released are enjoying the chance to see Damian Lewis as Yassen Gregorovich in the film; click here to read KathyV’s comments about the movie.
  • Here’s another online video site offering the Colditz Region 1 (North American) DVD for pre-order with a release date of December 12th.
  • Click here for information (PDF file) about Magnus Fiennes, the composer of the musical score for Chromophobia. According to this article, original artwork created by a local (Isle of Man) teenager was featured in the film.

  • Click here to access the updated schedule of Damian Lewis performances and events – Band of Brothers will be rebroadcast in the UK and the US in October.