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  • The world television premiere of Brides starring Damian Lewis will take place on December 3rd on Hungary’s DUNA channel.
  • Ann posted this link for Celador’s site for The James Bond Stories read by Damian Lewis.
  • You can now download the first 3 episodes of The James Bond Stories in MP3 format from the Multimedia audio page (also available in Real format.)
  • Director Philip Haas will teach courses in Documentary Film and Screenwriting for Princeton University’s
    Visual Arts Program this spring. His new film The Situation starring Damian Lewis will be presented.
  • Beware! The Region 2 Chromophobia DVD is now being offered for sale on ebay but this may be a pirate copy. The legitimate French vendor Alapage will release the DVD for sale on January 4th (and they will ship internationally.) Click here for more information on DVD regions and players.