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  • It has been confirmed that Damian Lewis’s appearance on Wogan Now and Then, the popular British chat show, will be taped on Thursday, January 18th at 2PM; click here to apply for tickets.
  • Click here to read a Damian Lewis interview from November 2001 about Band of Brothers and the Golden Globe Awards.
  • A Comment/News page has been added to the official movie site for The Situation starring Damian Lewis.
  • In a recent Update author Anthony Horowitz said that “…Stormbreaker did pretty well in the UK – it made around $15m which is fantastic for an independent British film. By and large it got good reviews too…Meanwhile, the DVD of Stormbreaker did brilliantly: 110,000 sold in the first week.”

  • The Region 4 Stormbreaker DVD will be released in Australia on January 24th.