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  • Do a good deed for Damian’s Birthday!
    Damian Lewis’s birthday is February 11th and because he is always willing to lend his support to worthy initiatives his fans are asked to perform a special act of kindness during January or February in his honor. Go out of your way to do something extra to help others. Donate time or money to a charity, give a unit of blood to the local blood bank, or lend a hand to someone who can use the help; then send Damian a birthday card and tell him about the charitable act you performed on his behalf. Click here here to learn what you can do to help others and show your appreciation for this fine man and click on the links below if you would like to support Damian’s favorite charity, the Christian Aid organization.

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  • Two New Damian Lewis Radio Productions this month! Hal4king posted information about new Damian Lewis audio performances coming soon on BBC Radio 4

    » Something Wrong About the Mouth – A new play by David Edgar that will air on January 20 at 2:30 PM. Damian plays Gene Pew, an American academic from Princeton who is obsessed with a mysterious Hungarian woman. The production will be available online to “listen again” for one week; click here for more information.

    » Agent Zigzag – Damian will perform all voices during daily readings over 5 days (January 29th through February 2nd) for the Book of the Week programme. Ben Macintyre’s Agent Zigzag is a true story about espionage during World War II. Episodes will be available online for seven days.

  • According to the Daily Mail Chromophobia will open in UK cinemas in March.
  • Articles about The Situation indicate that the film includes a love scene between Damian Lewis and Connie Nielsen!