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  • Click here to view photos of Damian Lewis and Best Actress Eva Birthistle at yesterday’s Irish Film and Television Awards (and thanks to Debbie for spotting the pictures!)
  • Ann reported that The Situation was reviewed by Richard Roeper and Entertainment Weekly’s Lisa Schwarzbaum on this week’s Ebert and Roeper At the Movies; the reviews were mixed but Richard Roeper gave it a “thumbs up” and concluded the segment by commenting: “Also, I think good work from Damian Lewis, who I think is always an interesting actor.” Lisa Schwarzbaum agreed saying, “Yes, it’s always great to see him.”

    Check for your broadcasts of the program here (the show will also be available online at the same site early next week.)

  • This viewer’s comments about Damian Lewis’s performance in Keane include: “Keane is played by Damian Lewis, and the performance is nothing short of incredible. This is a particularly challenging role, and director Lodge Kerrigan gives Lewis nowhere to hide, fixing the camera on his face for roughly two-thirds of the movie. Lewis’ ability to exude anguish makes Keane’s suffering palpable to the audience, but when he has his more tender moments with Kira, we can let ourselves believe that he had a daughter, so at ease are his interactions with the young girl. How this performance was not recognised on a wider scale is beyond me…” (No kidding! It’s beyond all of us, well said!)