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  • Yay, more baby pics! Click here to see untagged photos of Damian, Helen, and little Manon! Thanks to Dryope and her Currahee! gallery!
  • Click here to see the updated Australian tv listings for the month of March. Thanks to Jen!
  • PBS has a new site for The Best of Masterpiece Theatre which features Damian Lewis. The executive producer of the program has some nice things to say of Damian:

    “…Damian Lewis was another great interview. People know him best as
    Soames in The Forsyte Saga. Soames is a very stiff, determined, harsh
    and rather insular character. But Damian Lewis is a lovely man. He
    had just had a new baby come into his life a few weeks earlier — and
    he had that new father glow. Damian has a new series coming up next
    season on NBC…”

    The program will broadcast on most PBS stations
    around March 4th – check your local listings!

  • Click here for Intandem’s Love and Virtue production page. Intandem appears to hold the film’s international sales rights and it lists the film as being in pre-production.
  • According to an article in Variety the title of the pilot Damian is starring in has changed from Life to Set for Life. The pilot is scheduled to film in LA through March 12.
  • The Manchester Evening News has a new article on Confessions Of A Diary Secretary (no mention of Damian’s cameo).
  • There’s a racy new music video posted by MicOrMik at Youtube featuring Damian in scenes from Keane. Scenes used include one where Damian’s character is snorting coke
    and one where he’s having anonymous sex in disco bathroom!