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  • The February 24, 2007 issue of Radio Times includes a story about “TV’s Top 10 Versatile Actors”; thanks to Hazel for sharing their comments about Damian Lewis:

    “The flame haired old Etonian might seem ready made for parts as splendid chaps with stiff upper lips and, indeed he has appeared in uniform several times, but on every occasion he’s confounded the stereotype. After a spot as a soldier in Warriors he was cast by Steven Spielberg as Major Richard Winters in Band of Brothers and he carried the piece. He then turned antihero, fronting the remake of the Forsyte Sage as the dastardly Soames, before segueing straight into a satirical Jeffrey Archer. Since then he’s escaped from Colditz, played Tony Blair, guest hosted Have I got News for You and done both Poliakoff and Shakespeare”.

  • Click here to access ITV’s home page for Confessions of a Diary Secretary featuring Damian Lewis as Prime Minister Tony Blair. The program will air in the UK on February 28th.
  • Click here for information about Theo Green, the composer of the musical score for the The Escapist. Click here for background information (from the 2003-04 Script Factory Writers’ Group) about director Rupert Wyatt. He is a Picture Farm business partner of Damian and Gareth Lewis and he is currently directing Damian in the film.
  • Connie reminded us to vote (by clicking on the “Up” arrows) at the Mancrush site for:

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